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Hawkwind: A Legacy of Sonic Exploration and Cosmic Adventure

A continuation to the previous hawkwind articles to Read parts 1.2 and 3 or continue reading part 4.

It’s a statement of fortitude that we are looking at roughly 50 years of a band’s History and the incarnations of this band are still creating in their ways, no matter what Banner they fly and the Legacy of Sonic Exploration continues. 

Dave Brock is still Captain of the spaceship, Nik Turner is still making music at every available turn and other members of the past are finding their place in a myriad of projects.

Jimmy Fleming and Nik Turner from Hawkwind

Hawkwind Articles author Jimmy Fleming with Nik Turner Legacy of Sonic Explorationre
Jimmy Fleming Meeting Nik Turner from Hawkwind Photo Credit Cynthia Davis

HAWKESTREL is working on new visions of the past works of Lore and creating new music as well.

I mentioned in the many Albums of Hawkwind I personally had been out of synch as a listener and there was a Major Gap that was when Robert Calvert had a renewed influence in albums such as “Astounding Sounds Amazing Music: “ as well as a well-established a catalog of his albums and books. I began to catch up with his contributions later and Understood what a Prolific artist and Important individual Bob was.

Jimmy With Miss Maya Calvert Grandaughter of Robert Calvert The Continuing Legacy of Sonic Exploration

Photo credit Cynthia Davis

I am as I write this coming Full Circle. I had decided a decade ago I was going to write at least one article about the Full influence of Hawkwind, its friends, and relations. I began the research of what little I did not have in my memory banks by reaching out to people associated in some way with certain integral parts of it. I worked and worked and one day at random found an “Alexandra Calvert” who we affectionately know as “Maya” now. A few weeks went by and I got a reply from her.

She informed me that Robert was her Grandfather. In the course of talks, I asked if she was musically inclined. Her response was she did do a bit of singing but was more into writing lyrics and Poetry and would I look at them and give some feedback?  Ladies and Gentlemen we can Lovingly blame Miss Maya Calvert for a 10-year delay in you just now reading this because what I read combined with a voice sample she provided me caused me to throw down the pen and paper and pick up the guitar. There was to be no article what I saw now was a musical project. It was also a rollercoaster ride of alternative thought and recording.

What ultimately Became “Shotgun Pixie” was started by flying sound files back and forth from The U.K. to The U.S.  we had two constant pieces titled “Cells” and “Ode to the Others”.We made many attempts at making a record this way and had the patience of “Radio Ray” in trying to help, a few others attempted to Be part of it but for some reason, we were running into issues of all kinds for a couple of years. We stayed in touch and just took a pause. 

 I had my Life turned upside down in 3 different ways due to deaths, Marriage troubles, and health issues. I suffer from a rare Neurological disorder called “Dystonia”

By 2018 I found myself alone, uprooted, and luckily in a financial situation at the time I could pretty much do what I wanted. So I did just that.

The Only way we were going to get this album right was in the same room. Thus Maya Calvert came to Ohio and we Packed a year of living into 30 days. Fun and Productivity were the only things on the Calendar. We had ideas from years past but discovered almost immediately that the Muse was in play and we would wake up and by lunchtime have written a song or some days two songs that didn’t exist the day before.  “Cells” and “Ode” were the only 2 tracks that came from the past.

It was astonishing, this project almost wrote itself. My Partner in crime Mr. Matt Moon was our secret weapon in that he was able to take what we had recorded and augment the vibe be it keys, drums, and bass I had not already played, and help create The title track with beautiful mandolin work to go with the acoustic guitar. I tip my hat to his skills as an engineer, music nut, and general Madman of Pleasantry. 

We were able to make yet another contribution to the Legacy of Hawkwind through this project while honoring Maya’s wish to not just simply echo Robert. It stands as its work. She also held fast and commanded the stage at a music festival in North Carolina where with the help of Locals Chad Stout, Drew Ortman, and Josh Feldman as the backing band we debuted this music fittingly on 4/20.

I look back to my first conversation with Nik Turner. I was telling him how much joy he and all the other people who were in the earliest works had brought to our lives. It was inspiration at its best, and mind-expanding but most importantly simply a Joy. He replied “Well I should certainly hope so, That’s why we did it in the first place.” and gave me a big grin.

Keep your mind open and your attention tuned because you may find more and more new efforts by them all, and they are a gift to us all. Past present and future. 

If they haven’t got you yet if you haven’t learned that particular Magic. Take my advice, you are missing something you may not know you need…Hawkwind music is a gateway to the indescribable. They provide the Tribal, The Trance, and The Infinite. Bless them all. Onward Flies the Bird.

(You can find “The Calvert /Fleming Project  Shotgun Pixie”  at Soundcloud and at  ) or read about the Calvert Fleming Project here on Guitardoor.

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