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Did The Rolling Stones Help Change The Internet By Online Streaming?


The Rolling Stones played a significant role in changing the internet by online streaming. In 2012, they live-streamed their concert from Newark, New Jersey, which was viewed by millions of people worldwide. This event marked a turning point in the music industry, as it demonstrated the power of online streaming to reach a global audience. The Rolling Stones’ decision to embrace this technology helped pave the way for other artists to follow suit and helped to shape the way we consume music today.

How the rolling stones changed the internet with online Streaming

You could say the ROLLING STONES CHANGED THE INTERNET. The rolling stones have always been innovators if not through their music and music videos and album artwork. But did you know the rolling stones were pioneers in the online streaming of live music events with their Dallas concert in 1994? Making the rolling stones internet streaming pioneers.

Rolling stones internet streaming innovators

The Rolling Stones paved the way for the impact of modern music-streaming services on consumers and how people saw online musical content both in audio and visual possibilities.

rolling stones changed the internet

It’s odd to realize that even in 1994 the internet was still finding its legs and had no platform like youtube and other online streaming services with free trials to be essential as once stated the ability for the masses to have their own Television network. The Stones Voodoo Lounge Tour was just one more way The band had entered into new territory. They had a long history of being at the forefront if not the leaders in many cases of a new way to change the industry forever.

Starting with their move in the ’60s with Manager Allen Klein the rogue businessman who fought rock royalty to negotiate contracts where the Band had the freedom to make the albums they wanted without undue influence of the record label. They made the music, turned in the project and the Label did its job from there.

By the 1970’s They had one of the first collaborative imprint Labels “Rolling Stones Records” which was distributed by their already solid foundation with Atlantic Records. the Stones are 2nd only to the Beatles Apple corp.


The Stones turned up the heat in 1981 for the United States “Tattoo You Tour” which saw the band Make more money that year than General Motors. This was in part due to the fact this was the beginning of corporate sponsorship. Mick Jagger had come fully into being a businessman, which called back to his Education as a University of economics student. The Jovan fragrance company paid One Million Dollars to have their name printed on tickets and Posters for the tour. They also Partnered with Nady Wireless Co. to exclusively use wireless microphones and Guitar Transmitters which freed them up to move about anywhere on a 90 ft stage and in the Case of Jagger enter the audience as part of the spectacle.

The stones in 1981 also had the first HBO Pay per view and radio simulcast from Hampton, Virginia at the end of a groundbreaking tour. 

1994 was my first tour seeing the Stones and again they worked to bring the biggest production to the audience. Therefore it makes total sense that they would jump at the opportunity to be involved with the first entertainment live stream via the internet. It begs the question as we move along with the life of the internet becoming as much a need as ever, what innovations will they do next? There is a new technology being developed that for your price of admission to a live event someday soon you will have a 3-dimensional feed in your own home. Never mind the hoopla that having a Big Screen T.V. was, we may possibly click a button and you will have a life-size Keith Richards playing to you in your Living room generated from and transmitted to literally anywhere in the world.


So as you look or listen to music on a band’s website, smartphone or computer remember that you are listening to it because bands like the rolling stones changed the internet for all of us. What are your thoughts on the view that rolling stones changed the internet? please leave a comment below and share it on Facebook Twitter and other sites thanks for reading.

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