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Sharing a few Apps for guitarists as we wanted to integrate some useful apps and websites into Guitardoor, to make learning guitar a little less frustrating. So these are some great free apps for guitar enthusiasts I use from time to time.

1:App for Guitarists to Keep in Tune and Keeping Time (Tuner & Metronome)

App for Guitarists to Keep in Tune and Keeping Time

In many cases one of the most important apps for guitarists is a tuner. An easy to use Tuner with 2 modes: Mode 1 is a chromatic tuner measuring sound pitch and intensity. The 2nd is pitch fork mode the Tuner & Metronome app has the following features.

• A Customizable A4 frequency (440Hz by default),
• Is Able to record your playing with an integrated one-touch recorder,
• Ability to upload your own sheet music through our app. You can record and practice playing while watching uploaded or provided sheet music.
• Metronome never lags beats: a real metronome shouldn’t lag.

Install it from playstore

An Alternative and basic tuner app for the guitar player is G-Strings Guitar Tuner

You can download the G-Strings app from playstore here

2:App to PRACTICE Chords in Songs (Chordify)

Apps for Guitarists to PRACTICE Chords in Songs
Chordify chord estimator and generator

I have Chordify premium for a few reasons such as transposition and changing the tempo. Since I am a late starter guitarist with an attention problem when it comes to playing songs, well blogging can give you lots of distractions, as you are always looking for more information especially when it comes to something like technicalities and terms of guitar music.

One struggle I have before I play I just want to know what key a song is in? So I am not looking up chord diagrams and can just play the basics of it on guitar before I start playing.

Chordify lets you quickly find the chords to any streamable audio or video and Jam along with Chordify app or on the website.

Although the chords are not exactly correct all of the time on Chordify it gives you a general idea of the progressions used. You can also use Chordify on your desktop as it

Chordify on Playstore

3:App For Rhythm (Rhythm Trainer)

Apps For Guitarists Master Different Rhythmic Patterns

Rhythm is one area of guitar that some seem to have a natural talent for but many of us struggle to develop great rhythm on guitar. There are many Apps for guitarists like Rhythm Trainer that assist you with rhythm through audible exercises to get a grasp of playing rhythm on guitar.

• Develop a sense of rhythm.
• Sight-read rhythm notation.
• Hear mistakes in a rhythm by ear.

Download from Playstore

4:Songo Chord Finder

Songo is another one of the free Android apps for guitarists on the list. Songo serves as a pocket chord-finding tool for musicians and songwriters. Using a unique ‘chord ring’ design makes finding the right chords in a given musical key super easy! No music theory knowledge is required.

Get it on Google Play

5:An App For Guitar Songs

App For Guitar Songs

A few great songbook apps for guitarists to also print out the chords. One is Guitar Songs which lets you store your favorite songs to play for offline usage. First, you have to go online and download them of course some of the other features are listed below.

* Large database of songs, lyrics, and chords
* Opportunity to rate your favorite songs
* Ability to add songs to favorites
* Ability to change themes
* Ability to transpose chords (change the key of songs)
* Lyrics auto-scrolling
* Ability to import your own songs
* No Internet connection required (you need an Internet connection to download new songs only)

Install it from here on Playstore

6:Guitar Riff App

Guitar riff simulator app

This app not only includes a virtual guitar to play on your phone but also the ability to listen to your guitar to see if you have played the chosen progression correctly.

• Learn To Play Your Favorite Riffs effectively on the Electric Guitar
• Over 1000 Songs to learn from different eras and genres.
• Highly configurable guitar with clean / distortion effects.
• Resizable fretboard suitable for all devices and tablets.
• High simulator quality and is quick and responsive.

Download it from Playstore here

If you have a favorite guitar app or want to make readers aware of other apps for guitarists, why not share it below in the comments.