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Guitar Jam Track Innovation Felix Marin

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Here on Guitardoor, we have covered a range of guitar player styles from rockabilly guitarists the guitar of Link Wray, metal guitar players, and the plectrum-free style of Robbie Krieger of the doors. Today we are highlighting another type of Guitarist the “Jam Track Innovation Guitarist”. While many out there upload guitar jams to backing tracks few have caught my attention like Felix Marin A Guitar Jam Innovator on Youtube. 

I was doing a bit of promo for another player in a Guitar forum and I saw a video right below in my visual field. I clicked it and discovered in roughly 30 seconds of watching that this gentleman plays right among the ranks of Eric Johnson, Mick Taylor, Carlos Santana, and many more. Felix Marin has the elusive “It” factor and has a clear language through the guitar that is his only. The tone, the eloquence, and the understated yet perfect style were Truly an attention grabber. It reaffirmed my belief that some of the best players are not the most famous, and they have the capability to stand toe to toe with the all-time greats.

A Guitar Jam Innovation Guitarist of Well Known Tunes That Are Not Played On Guitar Normally

Felix does improvised versions on backing tracks and cover versions of both guitar and non-guitar-based tracks along with a monthly jam. I like this one where he does an improvisation of the tune Diamonds by Rianna.

Diamonds (Rihanna) – Epic guitar cover by Felix Marin

The Monthly Jam Track

The improvising guitar player also has a monthly jam of the month. I am picking this Jam of the Month a happy jazzy sounding track with silky smooth sounds of the Fender Stratocaster Eric Johnson Virginia that he plays along with a Blackstar HT5R giving a very unique guitar tone.

JTC Jam Of The Month February 2022 | Happy Shred (Jack Gardiner) by Felix Marin

Funky Jamming To Sebastien Zunino’s Track in Cm

If you don’t know the channel of Sebastien Zunino he puts up some backing tracks with guidelines to play such as key and scale guides on his backing track videos. This is one Felix done in Cm over Sebiestiens Shiny Funk Backing Track in Cm which ads the unique tones of Felix’s playing style.

Funk Guitar Improvisation (Felix Marin) – Backing Track by Sebastien Zunino

A Player can have technique and musical knowledge in an academic sense yet lack feel, or Have tons of soul and limitations. Then occasionally you find one who just has a perfect balance. Felix also uses every manner of dynamics a guitar has. The tremolo bar is in the perfect spot, and only there is one, the volume knob ala Rory Gallagher in another space. The Blues is represented, yet not in any traditional way. This man knows how to color the styles he chooses with his own palette of shades and shifts. He is quite simply one of the best players I’ve heard in my lifetime. 

Smooth jazzy guitar improvisation (Jam’in Backing Tracks)

Next week we will be doing a guitardoor interview with Felix Marim in the meantime find out more about the unique sounds of Felix Marin the guitar jam innovator through these links.

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