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Music Share Sites like Spotify picking the best music platform for you

The internet has revolutionized music since the time we earlier mentioned how the rolling stones changed the internet with a live stream and the birth of music share sites and sites to share your music to download and streaming services online independently. Artists no longer have to beg large music labels to play their songs. With countless websites for musicians to share music, artists can concentrate on making music without worrying about where to upload their music and if they will reach new music fans and build their audience while collaborating with other artists, these websites for musicians present money-making opportunities for songwriters, solo artists, bands, DJs, and producers.

You can share your tracks on the following paid and free websites for musicians to share music. We hope this information helps you find the best streaming platform for music you want to publish.

The top streaming platforms For music TO get Your Songs played

Spotify App and Music Sharing Site

Its vast reach sets Spotify apart from other websites for musicians we have a playlist here on Spotify of our featured artists. By 2021’s second quarter, Spotify Premium had 172 million members globally. This was an improvement from the 144 million subscribers in 2020’s third quarter. Another outstanding feature is Spotify for Artists, an add-on tool given to creators after publishing their first song. Spotify for Artists measures your performance by analyzing the growth or decline of your listeners and followers like many free music streaming sites.

These analytics also provide a better understanding of your listeners by displaying their gender, age,
countries, and cities of residence. You can also customize your profile to stand out from other
artists. In addition to user verification, you can share playlists and mention artists you’ve worked
with. Spotify’s Canvas feature also includes visuals to add some personality to your tracks.

Using The Best Universal Sharing Sites for Music Youtube Youtube Playlist

Several factors make YouTube one of the best free websites for musicians. For starters, the site increases your reach since audiences don’t pay to access your music. Moreover, YouTube presents income opportunities through ad revenue and royalties. Besides earning from your views, you can ask a distributor to collect payment from those using your music. You can build your YouTube fan base in many ways. First off, interact with your listeners in the comment section. Listeners are more likely to become loyal followers when they place a human being to the music.
Though you can listen to your fans’ feedback, maintain control over your content. You can also expand your audience by collaborating with other musicians. Additionally, don’t compromise on sound quality. Listeners may forgive video glitches if they love your sound. In addition to your music, you can also gift your audience with behind-the-scenes experiences and bloopers.

Bandcamp one of the most beneficial for Music Sales Of The Music Sharing Sites

This site allows artists to create online stores to sell their music and merchandise. Besides digital downloads, you can also sell physical copies of your music such as tapes and vinyl. Moreover,artists can personalize their pages with images, custom headers, and album artwork. You’ll also love Bandcamp’s favorable pricing. Though you can sign up for free, you can pay $10 monthly for the pro plan. Apart from in-depth stats, pro members enjoy targeted messaging and batch uploads. On the other hand, fans listen to a song first before deciding to pay the artist. That way, listeners can discover great new music without the pressure of commitment. If they like the track, listeners can download your music and even tip you. Not to mention the platform’s instant payment. Unlike other websites for musicians that pay quarterly, artists receive royalties right away without involving digital


This website for musicians allows users to listen to songs, create, and share music. SoundCloud supports three types of members. For starters, creators upload and share their tracks privately or publicly on social platforms and blogs. On the other hand, listeners can follow SoundCloud creators, save their songs, and create playlists. Another category is Curators who can share music with their
fans, Follow creators, and build playlists. This website for musicians has several benefits. First off, artists can register to the platform, upload tracks, and stream different genres for free. Thanks to the site’s numerous users, your music’s reach is guaranteed. Moreover, you can promote your work on social sites and get fan feedback in the comments. You can also borrow inspiration from other musicians doing different styles. Not forgetting the site’s user-friendly interface. You can organize your music into sets for easier identification by listeners. What’s more, each song file has a
page and a unique URL address. Best of all, SoundCloud doesn’t limit file sizes.

Music Share Sites or Launch Your Own Music Website

Even if you post songs on other websites for musicians, a personal site offers total control over your content. Apart from choosing the site layout and featured songs, you can display messages for free. Websites are also a one-stop shop for your content. In addition to your songs, fans can find your merchandise and tickets. Websites also portray your professionalism, attracting more record deals, bookings, and promotions. Additionally, a personal website is an opportunity to communicate with your followers via email. You could ask your fans to join your email list to receive personalized messages on upcoming events and new music and merchandise. Best of all, you’re sure of your site’s fate in the long term. It’s not uncommon for websites to disappear with an artist’s catalog. However, update your music list regularly to give fans the freshest content. If you are thinking of setting up a website Guitardoor recommends Dreamhost click to use our referral link to help support guitardoor.

The best platform to share music conclusions

These websites have different rules; read their terms before settling on one. Provided they meet your needs, feel free to put your songs on several websites for musicians. Where do you upload your music on music sharing sites? Mention other music share sites for musicians to share music in the comments and facebook.

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