Enigmatico Mexico Guitar Fundraiser

Enigmatico guitar Mission Mexico Orphanage

Forget going loco in Acapulco with its D-G-Em-A progression. It’s time to get a new Mexican place name in your head and that place is Anarchapulco according to our old friend Rob Mills a.k.a Enigmatico. Anarchapulco is the place to be and this is Arnachapulco’s new Anthem have a listen to its sweet summery guitar […]

Finding New Listeners With Music Share Sites

Music Share Sites Where To Start Sharing Music

With so many music share sites and platforms for musicians to promote music free using music sharing sites can get complex for the artist and listener. In a previous post, we wrote about the main music share sites and a rundown on Bandcamp vs Spotify. Choosing which sites to upload music. While there are many […]

Dave Marshall Virtuoso Rock Guitar Master

Dave Marshall Virtuoso Rock Guitar Master

Today we are featuring established guitarist Dave Marshall whose sounds range from hard-hitting motley crew to producing a cover of Drive by Incubus for Max Frye below which shows the lighter side of Dave Marshall’s guitar sound skills as a play. Dave Marshall has been a guitarist who has performed with acts like Pair-A-Dice, Fiona, Vince Neil, Slaughter, and Michael Jackson. […]

LINK WRAY the Most Important D-Chord in History

The Guitarist who played the Most important D-Chord in rock History I think it’s fitting that we begin the profiles of other Guitarists , By Talking about the Man who created the sound we now know as Modern Rock Guitar. He played the Most important D Chord in history ,because when you hear the simple […]

Brian May Legendary Queen Guitarist

Brian May: The Legendary Guitarist Of Queen

At the mention of Queen, the first person that comes to mind is its celebrated lead Freddie Mercury. However, legendary guitarist Brian Harold May created this group long before Mercury introduced us to his impressive vocal range. Born in 1947, May was the only son of Scottish mother Ruth Irving and English father and former […]

Grit And Glamor Joe Matera Interview

The Grit and The Glamor Joe Matera Guitardoor Interview

If anyone knows Joe Matera knows about “grit and glamor” he has been playing the guitar since he was 15. He has an extensive discography from solo projects to his work with other artists. Joe has previously supported bands like the Bay City Rollers during two sell out concerts in Melbourne in 2017 and shared […]

New Wave Guitar

New Wave Guitar Creators and Innovators

The mention of the New wave Joy Division and the Cars are some of the groups that come to mind. Today we explore new wave guitar creators and innovators. The BEGINNINGS of the “The new wave guitar sound?” Labels are a funny thing especially. There are many subgenres of musical style. Many bands that came […]

South River Slim Awaking The Ghost Of Rock&Roll

“Don’t Start Me Talkin’, I’ll Tell You Everything I Know” !!! ( Sonny Boy Williamson lyric)  Where Are You Based? I am based out of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. A border town located across the river from Detroit, Michigan USA. A great music hub, from John Lee Hooker, Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Jack White, of […]

6 Apps for Guitarists Free

6 Apps for Guitarists Free on Playstore

Sharing a few Apps for guitarists as we wanted to integrate some useful apps and websites into Guitardoor, to make learning guitar a little less frustrating. So these are some great free apps for guitar enthusiasts I use from time to time. 1:App for to Keep in Tune and Keeping Time (Tuner & Metronome) In […]


How Guitarists Using Guitardoor Can Get More Fans

How do you get new fans with Guitardoor? One of the biggest problems artists face is getting their music discovered. So just how do you do that? “How do you get new fans to hear you music.? It’s easy just do a guitardoor interview and include your music in it and we will share it […]

Guitardoor interview with Felix Marin

This is the second chapter of our discovery of the absolutely fantastic Felix Marin. I was so pleasantly surprised to have found his playing that we wanted to extend his musical story from last week’s feature. He’s truly the guitarist to watch. I consider him one of the best I’ve ever had the pleasure to […]

Nick Drake Perfect in the Morning

Nick Drake Revisited

It’s time to revisit one of our favorite guitarists and songwriters… Nick Drake as the music of Nick drake has been always present here like a rock and roll ghost. I was fortunate to have a good friend who roughly 20 years ago sat me down and played his entire catalog of work. It became […]

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