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Sometimes we only think of Jim Morrison when we think of “The Doors” but what about the other members of this band. Like the doors guitar player. As far as unique and stand-alone styles go with Guitar players you need only look at The Legendary Doors guitar player “Robbie Krieger”.

The Doors being the group they were, strong individuals each in their own right really came down to those four could be the only True Doors. Having said that Robbie in certain circles is very overlooked. I found out personally what his wealth of contribution was to the band by seeing his solo band play At Columbus, Ohio’s Legendary venue The Newport Music Hall.

Under the strangest of conditions, His wonderful innovative playing and his no ego humble personality left an impression on me that can’t be overstated. The Marquee simply said “Robbie Krieger Tonight” as I was driving by. It did not say anything more, not of “The Doors” or any fanfare. I Stopped and parked and canceled all plans because this was going to be very special. 

I eventually looked around me and realized that as the time approached for the venue to open there was a headcount of 30 people. We were in on a secret and as passer’s commented “Who is Robbie Krieger?” there was an answer of giggles and Laughter. “we know something you don’t know.” Keep on walking. The Lights inside at showtime all went out. Pitch Black. What we heard was “Is everybody in? The Ceremony is about to begin.” 

I assumed it was a recording of Jim Morrison from “An American Prayer”. Roadhouse Blues began and it was no less than Barry Oakly Jr., son of the Bassist for The Allman Brothers Band, handling Bass and doing Jim Morrison better than Val Kilmer’s version ln the Oliver Stone Bio-Pic.

Robbie’s attitude and performance were not changed by the fact he was playing to such an intimate crowd, if anything he connected better with us. His age didn’t matter, I several times closed my eyes and thought well this is the closest to the real deal we could ask for because the visual might have been different but the sound was pure 1968.

One thing that makes Robbie Krieger unique is, how he learned his own way around the Gibson SG by on-the-job training. Coming from an acoustic background and flamenco interest he is a fingerstyle player, more in true touch with the instrument be it “Spanish Caravan” or equally unique slide approach to “Moonlight Drive” or “Wild Child”.He also stands alone in the Psychedelic era of using some distortion and minimal effects, but 95% of the time he played the clean true sound of the electric guitar. He was Les Paul’s best representative of the real sound of the guitar. before all the extra’s were added.

He for reasons unknown is revered by guitarists but rarely cited as an influence. I think it is because his body of work is so unique it’s of a realm like the Great Paintings by Vincent Van Gough. You can try and copy it, but it belongs to him alone and everyone knows it. Having said that I must realize I was very much influenced by him and didn’t realize how much so until I look back at my own work such as a piece like “Our Sister Sleep” From Uncle Mont’s Quandry cd. There’s blues and middle eastern music colliding and working together and there’s no way to make that work had I had not heard “The End”, the epic work from The Doors Debut album.

When I spoke with doors guitarist Robbie Krieger

For what we call the economics of guitar playing. That is where you have the ability to play more than you do, and you just serve the song “Riders on the Storm” is a clear study.

As the Newport show closed Robbie took some time to sit down on the stage and just talk with the people and thank us for coming. He was such a beautiful soul that night and remains the same today. He even gave me his handwritten setlist off the stage. Kriger is as important to the creative arts as multi instrumental Brian Jones, or Monet.

His canvas is sound he uses the guitar like a an artist would use a paintbox. To make the most colourful sounds. The Legacy is Profound, and most importantly his work is timeless and not yet over. 

Doors Guitarist Robbie Krieger Playing Live

Doors Guitar Player Robbie Krieger Discography and Online Profiles

For a full list of all the works of Doors guitar player Robbie Krieger, you can view them here on the Discogs page for Robbie Krieger. Robbie is still active playing live music and here is his playing in this track from his album The Ritual Begins At Sundown. I hope you enjoyed reading this and watching the videos leave a comment on Doors guitar player Robbie Krieger thanks. While you are here why not check out other guitarists and even some stoner doom stuff