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Six Pack of Doom “Real Metal Guitar Lives!”

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I am a Metal Head as I have often said before regardless of the style of music I personally write. I was an active Headbanger at the age of 13 seeing the Legends live. There are times that seem empty of Truly inspired Metal. Chris one day said, “Hey what about these guys?” I had a quick listen and got excited again. Six Pack of Doom instantly conveyed the best of Classic and Modern Metal in one package. It, for my money, is a time trip back to the Heavy Metal Heyday while keeping their own sound and vision.

The Plus side is You know it’s a Band you are going to be able to go see Live that stacks up to some of your favorite memories of days gone by. “Chaos in Control” is a Perfect package of Thrashing Metal Long overdue. It will be part of my ongoing music collection. Today we hear the story from Guitarist Andy Oliphant of this awesome band. 

What is your position in the band? & What is the current lineup?

My name is Andy Oliphant, and I share rhythm & lead guitar duties with Marty Mostad. Carl Crosswhite is the vocalist and wrote all lyrics on the new album CHAOS IN CONTROL. Justin Harrison is on bass, and Mike Jacobs is on drums.

Where was the current project recorded?

CHAOS IN CONTROL was recorded at DSD2 Studio in Ventura, CA, and was mixed & mastered by Chris Collier at CMC21 Productions (known for his work with Fear Factory, Prong, Lynchmob, and others).

Six Pack Of Doom – Avenge My Death (Lyric Video)

How did the band come together and how long have you been together?

Six Pack Of Doom rose out of the disbanded Cessation Of Life in 2012, with members having a new and more energetic concept. With original vocalist Joel Perkins, the band had more metal-meets-punk sound in the beginning. It became clear that a change was needed, and the beginning of that was the addition of myself on guitars in September 2019 when we began to work on the new record, followed by Carl on vocals in the summer of 2020. We refocused on a more aggressive and complex metal sound for this “six pack” of new songs.

What was the particular inspiration behind the EP’s set of songs?

 Musically we wanted to get back to our thrash roots and do something a little more technical than what we had done in the past. We wanted to play something with more substance than a generic chug riff. Lyrically, Carl looked towards classic metal themes like War (Avenge My Death), Dystopian Future (Chaos In Control), The Occult (The Sorceress), Fate (The Harbinger), Life Struggles (Tree of Life), and the universal song inspiration of Heartbreak (Stare Decisis).

Six Pack Of Doom live at The Whiskey 9.24.21

The Guitar end of things, what is a brief rundown on your gear?

I’m playing Kiesel guitars right now, currently, my main guitar is a Neck-thru Aries Multiscale 7-string, with the album having been recorded on a DCM7 and AM7 (both multiscale 7-string guitars) and Marty used his USA Jackson guitars. 

Live, I am running a rack setup with a Mesa/Boogie Mark IV, and I am hugely impressed with my recent addition of the ISP Decimator Pro Rack G noise gate. Marty uses his rackmount Kemper, and both of us are running Mesa speaker cabs. For Chaos In Control, all guitars were recorded on a Kemper for the sake of convenience and consistency.

Six Pack of Doom

What’s next in plans for Six Pack of Doom?

 We are currently supporting the album release and booking shows. We played with Soulfly at The Whiskey in Hollywood, CA, which was an especially fun show for all of us. Meanwhile, we are beginning the writing process for our next “six pack” of songs, and we intend to continue to release material in that format.

We have a great digital distribution pipeline so the album is all over the major streaming services. Physical distribution is all independent, so all CD sales are direct through the band. We would like to release it on vinyl in the future.

Six Pack Of Doom – THE SORCERESS

Where can people find your Music?

A new website is being designed and will probably be up by the time you read this at; we are on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @sixpackofdoom; and you can also find us on YouTube and Spotify.

The elements of tasteful twin guitar parts combined with Raw Raging Riffs and Sonic Bomb of the Bass and Drums Demand your attention. “Stare Decisis” encapsulates everything great Metal is supposed to be. “The Harbinger” and “Tree of Life” will just hammer you into submission. The whole of “Chaos in Control” as a project knocks it out of the park. 

Six Pack of Doom has made an instant Classic recording! If they work their way to The Ohio area I will be standing in the Que ticket in hand. Five Stars Gentlemen!

Jimmy Flemming

Jimmy Flemming

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