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Guitardoor Playlists

When buying music you are supporting independent music and helping artists to offer you more music. All of these artists in our featured playlist on YouTube have done an interview with guitardoor or contributed to the site and have been included in the playlist of mostly independent artists.

Guitardoor featured guitar players playlist

You can also be featured on our amazing radio playlist If you wish to be added to the list then follow the Guitardoor playlist by writing something about your music and we will feature your music here on the site and also on our amazing radio playlist.

You can also Feature on the Guitardoor Spotify Playlist

Would you like to do a interview?

Just get in touch with us on our Facebook Page and Group or send us an email via the contact page

Need Help with a Guitardoor Featured Post or Interview

Here are a few suggestions from Jim about doing a interview video and promoting your guitar playing. We will share it here on and get you at least a few more views and subscribers to your Youtube channel. You can also do a interview with Soundcloud and other embedable audio platforms if you are uncomfortable with video footage.

You will also be featured on the Facebook page and shared across other websites.