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Review Out and Intake Hawkwind album

Out And Intake Signature Cover

Hawkwind released their album “Out and Intake” in 1987. The album features a total of nine tracks, including “Fahrenheit 451”, “The Price Is Right”, and “Ejection”. The album was produced by Dave Brock and Paul Cobbold. “Out and Intake” was the last album to feature drummer Danny Thompson and bassist Harvey Bainbridge.

“Out and Intake” was not my first exposure to the Grand Music of Hawkwind but it soon became one of my favorites. There’s both a diverse element but with a solid thread.

One of the most important things often forgotten is the track order in making any album. The song in the wrong place can completely throw off the feel and in Hawkwind music being a sonic Journey, it could mean getting lost on the path. To their Credit they know how to take you on the journey perfectly.The project opens with “Turner Point” an immediate assault on the senses. Rapid fire drums and Free Jazz Sax by Nik in the Outside tradition of John Coltrane on an Acid trip.

Out and Intake backcover

Complete with inclusion of Irritable Chickens and the Striking of a Bell.”Waiting for Tomorrow” follows with the unmistakable sound of Huw Lloyd Langton’s guitar, a bit understated but that is because he was Tasteful and he then delivers the First vocal I ever heard him present. It’s a well rounded work, spacey but grounded as a Solid song. It’s actually always been a Favorite. It’s own little Masterpiece. Huw ALWAYS Delivered.Track 3. “Cajun Jinx” was the first Synth based tracks I ever liked. Aside from Rush’s early synth experiments I hated the instrument.

Out and Intake Cover inside back

In this case it is presented in such a way I absolutely got it. An Instrumental work it gives a Joyous lift. Evidence that Harvey Bainbridge is a secret weapon of a musician. Alan Davey’s Bass is well, perfect. The Synth is warming up for the next part of the trip.”Solitary Mind Games” with it 4 note minor piano theme and Huw again playing just exactly what’s needed comes to shine again. His vocal delivery is right on point in telling the story of a man in torment.

Nik coloring with flute here. Nothing out of place.”Starflight” is the chemical checklist before lift off , measured by Milligrams to Propel a spirited version of Bob Calvert’s “Ejection”.”Assassins of Allah” Is Calvert’s genius revisited (also known as “Hassan-i-Sabbah”) from the 1977 album Quark, Strangeness and Charm. and it moves Beautifully with declaration “This is an Attack” .

If it doesn’t Rock…check and make sure you are actually still alive.My Favorite now Rolls in “Flight to Maputo” Tribal and syncopated drumming both with again outside Sax By Nik but coming in sheets of sound and Otherworld Voices in Chant. THIS is Hawkwind.

You are being taken hostage for 5 mins and 23 seconds to bear witness to Ritual in an all out mindbend.”Confrontation” is a Riff Lovers dream . A trance piece only interrupted by the dialogue of random news and Political statements and Dave Brock’s mantra “I am not interested in anything you have to say”.

This fits todays Social or should I say Anti-Social Climate as much as it did in 1987..Low Boil to Fever pitch.”5/4″ is another Instrumental clip that opens in a scream of frustration and hit’s it’s coda by the sound of computerized chaos.”Ghost Dance” is Nik concluding the album as he opened it. It is what it says A call to the Spirits to Enter in the albums Exit.In this I am staying with the original release of 1986.

There is a 90’s release with Bonus tracks. I’m not a fan of any tagged on stuff on any band on any album. I feel it’s like painting a mustache on the Mona Lisa.”Out and Intake” is described by the band themself as a compilation of works from various sources: studio out-takes from 1982; live recordings from 1982’s Choose Your Masques tour; studio out-takes from 1987. Dave Brock stated of the release that “it was bits and pieces we had hanging around, .

No matter it is done perfectly and is a wonderful contribution to the arts.The other Remarkable factor is the Art of the Album itself… even the vinyl sleeve inside is striking both sides in Crimson Red.My Cd copy has a fun not so little story.

I had Seen Nick Turner’s 1994 tour but did not met him ..yet.In 2003 I had planned a visit to a friend’s house in Huntsville ,Alabama to catch up and also Attend it’s annual “Big Spring Jam”.I found out Nik would be 90 mins south doing a show in Cullman, at one time the small hometown of Hank Williams Jr. I thought “This is odd, but I’m going anyway. I had had some communications with the Producer/Promotor before so I called Carlo up and asked “If I travel oh 600 miles to your show will you get me in to meet Nik?” He said “well of course..How will I know you? ” Me ” I’ll be in cowboy boots , all in black with a question mark on my t shirt and wearing a “Go to Hell Hat” as we call them.

Done Deal.I’m not gonna lie.. I fanboyed it completely. I explained in great detail the many years of Joy he and the others had given to my cousin and I etc. To which he simply replied “Well I should certainly hope so.” He took the cd cover and examined it for a good 30 seconds, rotating it around and putting great thought into what he was doing. He then wrote on it upside down. He Smiled and I thanked him and went out for the show.

Right side up it looked like Psychedelic Prescription of inscription, art of it’s own, upside down it was a Loving order for me to “Stay High.”I followed the directions for many years . Out and Intake is it’s own thing and it is Beautiful , If you don’t have it, you are slacking. I give it 19 out of 5 stars. Further Affiant sayeth not……

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