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Guitardoor On the Pete Feenstra show

Pete Feenstra is what you can truly call “Musics Best Friend” and lives music.

Pete Feenstra has had a hand in music from almost every aspect you can name and has been acknowledged for it in some form numerous times.

Be it concert promoter, Radio host, Journalist, broadcaster, songwriter, and collaborator, or simply music fan and witness to the best and worst of the Free Festivals He lives and breathes music.

He has also been a friend to me for the last 11 years and has helped Guitardoor with his wisdom. We want to honor him and thank him by telling just part of his story.

He has been involved with many styles of music, but his heart and high achievements primarily live in the Blues and Blues Rock genres. 2016 brought him the European Blues Lifetime contribution award.

He has written books about Legendary players and Promoted shows for them as well, one name that stands out is Guitarist Walter Trout. Lifetime means lifetime so a past of concert promotion is extensive.

Its unofficial first kick-off was in 1973 to form a fan club and attempt to get local radio to bring the band “Man” via a contest. Then when they won the popular vote and were booked, he made sure all his friends assured him that there was a crowd there worthy of the event.

Outside a Rock Shirt Shop Pete Feenstra

You don’t get paid working undercover and covert, but you earn loads of respect. One also gains self-confidence to carry on. After traveling through the U.S, and India and being involved with communes and biker bars, organizing music events for each scenario he moved along.

In His next chapter in life, he did a short stint with the BBC as a researcher and Music Librarian and then further work in the area of information science and organization.

By the mid 80’s he had been involved with a multicultural group and had the opportunity to book town council buildings. Working with Canned Heat, Pat Travers, and the like. Years on Larger venues became available and Manfred Mann’s Earth band, Walter Trout, and was one-third part of an event With Def Leppard where they performed in 3 countries in 24 Hours and landed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Suffice to say I could write a book about his life, but he’s already beat me to it. Our Personal friendship began in 2010 when he offered to write what turned out to be a 5-star incredible review of my second commercial release of The band” Uncle Mont’s Quandry.”. “Sorrow in full Strut” was written over many months while I recovered from the neuro disorder Dystonia.

It is still on the U.K.’s “Let’s get ready to Rock” website.

Which is a second honor that it’s still there 11 years on and this review. Most recently Pete has continued his work on that same website and radio and has been running the radio program: Pete Feenstra’s Rock and Blues show since 2014. Regardless of anything the highest award I feel a man can be given is as a wonderful human being. Eager to Help anyone he can.

Pete Feenstra is a Gentleman and a scholar of the highest order. He has been a Blessing to us at as an adviser in sending us some incredible talent to hear for ourselves and in turn share with you. Most recently his help came in the form of a feature broadcast with our Co-founder Chris Dempsy on his radio program and simultaneously reviewing the Calvert/Fleming Project “Shotgun Pixie album” There are not enough words to thank you with Pete. A finer Gentleman We have never met.All good things to you, at all times.

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