Frank Marino Illness Status The Agora Goodybe concert

Sadly With Frank Marino illness which is a case of adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) and other health problems has caused the end of live shows with Frank and Mahogany Rush. Five words I heard during many listening sessions and music conversations. I slowly began to seek out the meaning. In time I found a Gravity to those words.

Frank Marino Illness
Frank Marino’s illness of adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder) stopped his playing on stage this was him at the agora concert before his illness

I want to thank Frank Marino for his blessing in allowing me to tell this story. I knew he had unexpectedly announced his retirement a while back due to an undisclosed illness but I reached out anyway and he was most gracious to be of help for sources and Granting his permission to tell the tale of what brought us 50 years of Stellar Music.

Frank Marino came to the guitar in a different way. He initially was into the drums for a time but being a young person in the times when the 1960s were wide open he explored many things. One of the explorations was L.S.D. and at a certain point as he discussed in a 2019 interview he took a little too much and got locked into an experience that lasted Far Longer than anticipated and had to be hospitalised for a considerable length of time.

It so happened that in that facility was a guitar. Why? Well, no one knows for sure but Frank realized it was something grounding to focus on and practically lived with it. It was there to help him, literally find his way back. By the time he was released he wanted to take it with him but that wasn’t going to fly, so he acquired another in short order and it became his companion.

During all this, he thought many things, alternative thought, and language, part of which was the term, Mahogany Rush. In the time that reoccurring thought became the name of one of the best Bands you could wish to hear. He also carried over the visions from the experience into the artwork for the Bands albums. He could have been a casualty, but he was fortunate and became a Guitar and vocal powerhouse and visionary.

“This experience became the basis of everything that I was to do in music, including the name Mahogany Rush, which was a description I would use to describe a certain sensation that I was having on the trip. The artwork on the albums, Child of the Novelty and Strange Universe are an artist’s rendition of my trip as told by me to the artist, Ivan Schwartz, who has since passed away”.

1972’s “Maxoom” and 74’s “Child of Novelty” announced Mahogany Rush as a major musical force. He was viewed as a Disciple of Jimi Hendrix, as was Robin Trower. They both were much more than that. The Guitarist’s Guitarist has been cited by many as a major influence, and those names are Big. “He set the groundwork for guys like me to have a successful career.

If it wasn’t for Frank Marino I wouldn’t have a career “Joe Bonamassa. That is merely one of many. His tone is recognised by, for instance, Guitar Player, which called him a “full-spectrum guitar god,” alongside Jeff Beck, and Eddie Van Halen.

John Cipollina (of Quicksilver Messenger Service fame), Robby Krieger, and others Pulled him to be a Gibson SG player. His playing style is a combination of blues, heavy rock, and, to an extent, jazz fusion techniques. Long-term members of the band have included bassist Paul Harwood and drummer Jimmy Ayoub, and Frank’s Marino’s brother Vince on guitar.

Frank and company were known for Marathon show he was quoted as describing it all as “ The Grateful Dead meets Jazz” in the approach of a Jam band keeping within the song but letting the song play the band when it’s fired up.

Mahogany Rush,(live) 1975, Talkin’ ’bout a Feeling

1975’s “Strange Universe” and Continued Touring solidified the man was just getting better and was in this for the Long Haul. Playing to 350,000 in 1978 at Cal Jam II proved He and the Band stood Next to the Giants of Rock.

Frank is well spoken, well studied, and Driven even now in his Battles. He never let the troubles Canadian bands had stop him and has expressed his satisfaction that even “Cult Status” is an achievement. He has never needed millions of dollars or to be the Media Darling to be happy. He has always wanted to just make music and oh what music he made.

Dozens of albums and countless concerts with other Legends, Television programs, and the Grind of Hard work over decades right up to the age of Covid. He still had bookings that he intended on doing as many other Musical acts but the world stopped. Then he had to follow up with this statement that shocked the Guitar community.

Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush – Eye of the Storm (EPK)

Frank Marino Illness and The Agora Being His Final Performance

“With sorrow, I am forced to announce my immediate retirement from touring, and possibly all things related to continuing my career, due to an unexpected and debilitating medical condition which makes it impossible for me to tour. I want to thank all the people who supported me all of the last half-centuries. I know that many were looking forward to seeing us play this fall and I was looking forward to getting out again and doing more shows, but it now appears that in the absence of a miraculous recovery, my Concert DVD (Live at the Agora) will constitute the last show I will ever have played. I ask any that are believers to include me in their prayers.” – Frank Marino

I personally as well as many others urge you to order the “Agora” DVD. It’s roughly six hours of Masterwork by a Guitarist who covered the best of his life’s songs and a comprehensive study of awesome learn more here at the Frank Marino website and Mahogany Rush . Until the Illness of Frank Marino caused his retirement from touring and album recording.

Frank Marino live at the Agora theatre – Official Trailer

We here at Guitardoor and millions of other Guitarists are praying for the possible miracle to come as you have stated.

We also thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you have given us. We know when you walked a stage, you give it all you had and then some. Your positivity in your career and as a man is as inspiring as the music we treasure although with guitar great Frank Marino illness may have forced him to stop doing live shows we still have the pleasure to relive the golden days of Frank Marino guitarist extraordinaire .

  1. Truly sad to learn of the immediate retirement of one of the all-time great rock guitar icons. He and his band have brought us hours of fantastic music spanning several genres and all of which blended perfectly.
    A sad sad loss to our beloved music. I would aspire to have a tenth of his playing talent 🙏🎸🔥🎸🔥

  2. Thank you Jimmy,

    You did a very nice job with the article. Also, you are right; we are going through very difficult times… you and I physically but, more importantly, the whole earth is groaning. We know what these times represent. All we can do is pray and wait for His return, and I feel it will be sooner than most think.

    God Bless,


    • I was in awe of your talent as both a performer as well as musician. this business know all to well that its very hard to come by both. But you are and always will be what other guitarists aspire to be. I thank you for you immense contributions to the music industry, as well as the time you took to speak with me before and after I ran your light show at Jaxx night club in Springfield VA. Get well , as.we are ALL PRAYING FOR YOU. God bless and , again thank you for being outstanding..

    • Dear Frank, I don’t know the specifics of your personal manifestation of this condition. From what I’ve read, it’s quite common to recover, with time and medical treatment/ therapy. Please don’t give up! Much love, Sarah

      • Search Index says:

        Correct. Any news about Frank’s condition as a celebrity would help raise awareness for Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder/s) because many people come down with it to varying degrees for various reasons and doctors don’t know ‘why’
        or how to fix it, even though in many cases it is ‘self limiting’ and will run its course to varying degrees ‘like a virus’

        It used to be known in Japan as ‘Old Lady Shoulders’ …and some of the current ideas that pass for therapy are worse than the condition (cortisone shots, manual manipulation under anesthesia, surgery, light therapy, physical therapy, TENs therapy…all of which often either don’t really do much or make it worse)

        I had an excruciating double dose of it in both shoulders at the same time 2016 after a maritime accident, and it ran its course in a year by itself…

        But I was lucky enough that I wasn’t working that year and had family to help me during my extended temporary disability.

        Most people don’t have that luxury.

        Not many western doctors knew of it or were interested and didn’t have much useful therapy available…and some couldn’t even diagnose it properly as it’s not on their radar much

        So I just handled it myself and it took a year to run its course with no meds or official therapy…

        I was simply immobilized for 4 months during the excruciating part…then did limited progressive stretching for 8 months during the aching and loosening part, until I was back to 99%

        But I know of at least one surfer who couldn’t handle the mental/ emotional strain, reclusiveness, limited mobility, resultant weight gain from immobility and depression eating and drinking and ‘ended it’

        So, it would be helpful if non profits were created to offer care giver/personal assistant help to people experiencing this condition because the western medical industry is currently severely lacking in its ability to handle the situation in a cost effective quality of life enhancing manner, and people sometimes lose ability to work or manage their life while experiencing it.

    • Frank, your melodic phrasing through the chord changes and great stage presence really inspired my young playing when I first saw you on tv in the mid seventies. I hope you heal, you’re still a relatively young man.

  3. I pray and send you the loving light vibrations of healing for you and your loved ones. You do not know what your music has meant to me. It has brought so much comfort to me the last 18 months- especially. I fell in love with my Mikey at one of your concerts in late 70’s early 80’s in a little place called Albuquerque, there are no words to describe a Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush Concert. Mikey passed in July of 2020, but weeks before out of the blue he played Strange Universe and it stumped me for a moment, had not heard it for years. I found my second love, your music and it lives in my heart too.

  4. Barry Mitchell says:

    Live at the Agora is worth every cent you pay for it.

    • By buying you are also helping Frank Marino through his well-deserved retirement. Thanks for your comment and for recommending supporting Frank Marino through this time of illness, Barry. Just asking and you have probably heard it before but by any chance could you be the Bassist of Queen before John Deacon joined the band? Jk 🙂

  5. Tino Calderon says:

    Everyone likes to make lists, I admit to it as well. Top 10 rock songs…top 10 football players…top 10 restaurants…etc. Often times I cannot choose my number one for a lot of lists, it’s just impossible. But without any hesitation Frank Marino is my favorite guitarist ever. I’m not a musician but definitely a good music fan. I champion Frank’s talent by listing him any time I can as my favorite guitarist. Online, in person, anytime any place, it’s all about Frank and that means something special to me. First of all I love his songs as songs. Their structure, the lyrics, not to mention his underrated voice. I love Frank’s voice! It made me so happy when I listened to an in-depth interview with him where he said he loved pop music. It was always about the song. But when he wanted to pepper those songs with some style, flair, and individualism boy he took those songs to higher levels. I’ve seen Frank perform many times in Austin, Texas as early as 1978 and consider myself very fortunate that way. I wish I’d been able to meet him, really meet him and talk to him because I know I would have cherished it eternally. Nonetheless, I am grateful for my ears to have heard a master craftsman who dedicated his life to putting out the best music he could. Music that came from his heart and his mind. I consider Frank Marino a beautiful soul who was and is a gift for all of us on this earth. Love you Frank. All the best.

  6. The radio stations should wake up and ay this great music. They would only gain listeners. Frank , hope your feeling better and can play some. STRANGE DREAMS takes me away and the tone and arrangement is welcoming. Thanks for the music. Hope to see you back out there soon. AP .

  7. Paul Johnson says:

    Frank I hope this comment reaches you I’m very sorry to hear about your retirement I just today was doing some surfing and found this on the web here. After listening to It’s begun to rain on your Agora tour which was awesome. Frank I just want to say that you have been such a huge influence on my guitar playing in my career and your music transcended all walks of life blacks whites Asians Hispanics and that just tells you that you are loved by everybody who ever heard you I was fortunate to hear you in 2006 in Cleveland Ohio. Thank you very much for all of your music my brother and God bless you “Talkin bout a feelin” I’m Diego

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