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Jimi Hendrix’s Outer Space Blues

Jimi Hendrix Outer Space Blues

We would not be a guitarist blog if we did not mention Hendrix, We have covered Stevie Ray and Rory so Now we must address the Man who brought us the Outerspace Blues.

Part Cherokee Hendrix who once spoke of his hair as an antenna. Is being featured here on Guitardoor. Hendrix’s Native culture considered it just that. He was also a musical Shaman as long as he could stay energized and receptive to receiving the Unseen power that flowed through him. Some nights he was the conduit, other nights in the late part of his career he was playing from memory and motion of his own. In either case, He was placed here for 27 years to leave an Eternal Legacy.

Had he never played any music beyond the Performance at Monterey Pop it would have been enough. He is one moment in time that demonstrated a level of prowess that included the best aspects of his abilities. Luckily we did get so much more than that from him.

Jimi Hendrix – Voodoo Child “Official Psychedelic Video”

The Guitar for Jimi was part of him, He was rarely seen without it unless an airplane flight or car ride to get him to the studio or the stage became a necessary separation. His was an equal part practice and work ethic as much as it was Ethereal intervention. He became an immediately recognizable vocalist as well, as his confidence grew to do it. Although he really never accepted himself as a great vocalist. 

Bold As Love – Jimi Hendrix

Bold as Love Hendricks


It might seem odd to discuss his Clothing in a guitar forum yet as his popularity grew so did the money and he was a colorful figure in that part of his personality as well. He had no Stage clothes vs. Street Clothes, he wore what he wanted anywhere he wanted to. When I visited the Rock Hall of Fame in Cleveland I saw many things, part of which were the outfits from the Isle of Wight and the last show he ever played, The Isle of Fehmarn. I have a few friends who saw Jimi Live.

The most interesting story is about my Friend Nona Hatay. She is an artist in many ways. She shot a few rolls of film at Madison Square Garden and then for many years experimented with double exposures, Black and White’s photos Painted into Psychedelic life, and more recently began a clothing line incorporating some of those visuals as“Art to Wear”

You can find some of her works in the link below. I had the honor of her request for me to do a 15-minute instrumental remix of “Black Widow” for a New York fashion show she was holding. 

Thank you again, Nona Hatay.

I want to Clear up something most of the world doesn’t know. When Queen guitarist Brian May inducted Def Leppard into the Hall of fame singer Joe Elliott presented a painting to Brian May from another artist, and Friend of Joe’s.

The photo and painting were presented as this other artist’s work. It was a complete ripoff of one of Nona’s most iconic works.

He didn’t paint it, he had no permission to use it and when confronted he offered insult to injury by offering something like $30 restitution. So if you are a Hendrix fan I urge you to buy some of her works.

I’ve had a few conversations with Management and Handlers of Queen and Def Leppard and I know neither band was aware they had been duped. They may still not know as their management was extremely rude and dismissive and most likely never even passed on my messages. I simply wanted them to know the truth of the matter. 

He has since acknowledged it was his “Study” of her work. As far as I am concerned personally it was a study in “Oh I Got Caught”.As of now, I know no further updates on the matter, and If this upsets anyone blame ME not her. Nona Hatay is a wonderful Lady who has been a great friend for about 30 years. She is an inspiration on many levels.

Live at Madison Square Garden 18 May 1969

Hendrix tried to avoid the political realm, yet he did make his statements about the times in his music. His “Star-Spangled Banner” at Woodstock sonically was a monumental expression. The guitar Howled and screamed and perfectly simulated Bombings and sirens and the chaos that was Vietnam and Chicago. His Band of Gypsy’s performances called out more acknowledgment of violence in “Machine Gun”. 

Jimi Hendrix – Band of Gypsys: Machine Gun

The Band of Gypsys was not what Management wanted and they went to extremes to cause it to go no further. One instance is Management dosing Jimi backstage with some particularly heavy and not positivity-inducing L.S.D. 

Hendrix took the stage and after struggling to connect anything properly he quietly spoke to the crowd “This is what happens when Earth and Space collide” and walked off.

Not being satisfied, he was kidnapped for a few days so Management could swoop in and save him and he would feel even more in debt emotionally to conform to demands placed on him. Hendrix was the Cash Cow. He had True friends, but those were outnumbered by others who simply wanted a piece of his soul and his life. 

A compromise was the New Version of “The Experience” keeping Bassist Billy Cox in with Drummer Mitch Mitchell. This version continued up until Jimi’s Death. 

Jimi Hendrix – Purple Haze (Live)

He worked constantly during the period of 67 to Sept 1970 and had planned a break and wanted to work with other people, one being Miles Davis. 

The final two shows were very poor choices he was pushed to do. We have commercially available the Isle of Wight, and the final show of Fehmarn has some documentation.

3 Proper Studio albums and a couple of live shows on record Show his Body of work was spectacular but brief. There are boatloads of songs he was almost finished with, some were done posthumously with Legitimate care of his vision. More than those were done because well the name sells.

His Half-Sister Janie now has had control of the output of his work and has strived to carry on his name with Class as for many years it was out of the hands of the concerned. 

In His short Life, he Gifted us something no one can recreate, we guitarists will give it our best and there are many great players out there Like Randy Hansen, Having said that, Jimi Hendrix came and conquered and left the planet, and no matter how hard we may try There is no Hendrix waiting to happen. Stevie Ray Vaughan gave us incredible takes on Jimi’s music but were he here today he would agree, there was only one Jimi.

He created the form, and the sounds, and had the incredible ability to play the guitar strung left or right-handed. He also left his Baby, Electric Lady Studios that can be visited and performed in even now. What a treasure Lost, what Legend left, what an artist that only sought Love and Truth.  

Jimi Hendrix last performance at the Love & Peace Festival 1970, Germany, part 3

He also always strived for Peace. He rests now in Peace forever. I leave this summary on a high note. Jimi is at his best.

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Like A Rolling Stone (from Winterland) (Music Video)

Featured guitarist Paul Wildman Doing Hendrix Style Licks

If you are eager to learn to play like Hendricks why not check out this voodoo child guitar lick by a previously featured guitarist Paul Wildman on his Facebook page and YouTube channel

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