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Frank Marino GUITARIST Continued

Frank Marino before frank marino illness

Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush, live in Birmingham 1983 – 50048141976” by kitmasterbloke is licensed under CC BY 2.0 .

Frank Marino is best known for his exceptional guitar skills. He gained recognition for his work as the lead guitarist and vocalist for the band Mahogany Rush. Marino is known for his unique blend of blues, rock and jazz styles. He has released multiple albums throughout his career and has been praised for his technical abilities and improvisational skills. Marino has also been recognized for his influence on other guitarists and his contributions to the development of rock music today we continue our tribute to Frank Marino who has recently announced a new line of guitar pedals according to Guitarworld recently.

I had a great pleasure back in September of speaking with Frank Marino Guitarist of Mahogany rush At that time He had announced an abrupt end to his live shows and was adapting to that fact, be it a long-term hiatus or what’s done is done. He has since spoken about the trials of “Frozen Shoulder” and that he deals with chronic pain daily.

He and I had discussed a bit about the condition that takes me in and out of the game as a Guitarist myself “Dystonia”. Terrible to have that sort of problem to bond over, but good that we can understand we aren’t alone in this and we both do the very best we can to keep a positive outlook on life.

The Key to that is to be able to have a body of work behind you to reflect upon and be satisfied with. If more music advances from players like ourselves then those are gifts to be appreciated as well. 

The feedback from Frank and Frank’s fans has been tremendous and now that time has passed it has been evident what a special person he is, and what a beloved musician and writer he is. He deserves any and all credit and praise. 

Simply put he is and has been a Guitar monster, and yes people try to dwell on the Jimi Hendrix connection. Yet there is more to it than just that.

FRANK MARINO Guitarist AND MAHOGANY Cleveland Ohio 1974 Live Show

As He explained to Ray Sasho “ “I was the first guy in history literally to take public what Jimi Hendrix was doing other than Jimi Hendrix. There was no other guy before me… and I was only 16 years old… I was Canadian …and I was white …and I played an SG. So it was like no, no, no, no. Then they invented these stories about reincarnation”

Jimi Hendrix visited you as an apparition and entered your body … urban legend?

 “This stuff was invented by Circus Magazine and Creem Magazine. I went to the hospital in 1968 and Jimi Hendrix didn’t die till 1970. I told them where are you getting this reincarnation thing, where was he if he was supposed to be in my body for two years. So this story filtered when we started to get known and every single show I went to …I’m telling you Ray… with the exception of two or three bands …I was completely shunned. No one would talk to me. I had the same management as Aerosmith and Nugent for seven years and those guys didn’t start talking to me for three years. In 1971, one year after the death of Hendrix, I played on a float, a parade to commemorate his death. I played for three hours on a float across the city doing nothing but his tunes. And it was almost like … how dare you? You can’t do that. I used to say this …I even got the old article… “You’re condemning me for doing this now, but one day this style of guitar will be the way that everyone will be judged by.” And it is. It became true.”

Frank Marino on Guitar Talk with Jimmy Warren

For myself what I hear in Frank is one of the best Blues guitarists ever. Those Blues sometimes are encapsulated in various diverse forms, but this is part of his talent and genius vision. Much Like Clapton or Jimmy Page, no matter what’s going on stylistically the blues is in there. 

Guitar of Frank Marino GUITARIST
The Guitar of Frank Marino GUITARIST

Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush – Live @ Bromont, Canada 1979

He has had a work ethic as well from word go. He has carried a determination that despite the lack of radio support he has always taken it to the people. Marathon concerts that were live for the people, never the critics. I would say it would be a challenge to find a player who logged more hours in playing. 

The man found his identity and soul in the instrument and just loves playing the guitar as much or more than anyone ever. His personality has never been the “Rock Star”. 

He reflected on Playing The California Jam and what it represented or I should say misrepresented. He had expressed it was a Big corporate opportunity and flew in the face of his values. Not a question of the people he played to, the audience, but the idea of playing a 90-minute show of his own music only to find when it was broadcast the footage was yet again Hendrix “Purple Haze” and then the theme from the Mickey Mouse show. That was done on purpose to make a statement of what he thought of the money men involved. “Mickey Mouse”. 

Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush Live on Fuji TV Japan 1978

It is my hope that more people in the current generation, as well as the Generations to come, will discover the true music of Frank Marino. I know it has brought a new range of color to my ears and mind as a musician and music fan.

I also hold out hope that he may someday return to the stage. It’s not out of the realm of possibility, Frank Marino Guitarist Supreme would tell you that it’s up to the higher power, and I know the equal matter of physiotherapy that is ongoing.

Frank Marino – Live At The Agora Theatre – Official Trailer Clip

In the discussion, we had he sincerely felt that the self-produced expansive DVD set from the Agora would be a fitting final statement if that is truly the end. I urge you to purchase it, it’s worth every penny. The reason? Well, Frank Marino is worth his weight in gold as a player and as a man. We here at Guitardoor send our love and respect always to Mr. Frank Marino Guitarist.

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