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Alice Cooper Guitar Players Slingers and Hired Guns

Alice Cooper Guitarists female Nita Strauss

Did Alice Cooper Have Many Guitar Players in His Career?

Oh man, Alice Cooper has had so many guitar players over the years! I mean, the guy’s been around since the 60s, so it’s not surprising. But seriously, it’s like every time I turn around, he’s got a new guitarist in his band.

Honestly though, I think it’s kind of cool that he’s given so many musicians the opportunity to play with him like we at Guitardoor also try to feature guitar players :). Plus, it keeps Musical things fresh and interesting.

If you’re looking to start a band or something, my advice would be to always be open to collaborating with different people. You never know what kind of magic you might create together.

The keys to the kingdom are the musicians you surround yourself with. Alice Cooper has always been the showman and Icon in the front yet had the wisdom to showcase his band members especially the Alice Cooper guitar players over the years. There have been many Guitarists involved for substantial amounts of time and all have contributed their own Genius sounds.

Who Are Alice Coopers Current Guitar Players?

Alice Cooper’s current guitar players are Nita Strauss and Ryan Roxie.Nita Strauss and Ryan Roxie are both accomplished guitarists who have played for Alice Cooper. Nita joined the band in 2014, becoming the first female guitarist to play for Alice Cooper. She has been praised for her technical ability and stage presence. Ryan, on the other hand, has been a member of the band on and off since the 1990s. He is known for his energetic performances and catchy riffs. Together, Nita and Ryan bring a unique blend of talent and experience to Alice Cooper’s live shows

Alice Cooper Slingers and hired guns

Previous Alice Cooper Guitar players Glen Buxton and Michael Bruce are the reason we are studying this subject today. Had it not been for them there would not be the rest. 

Alice Cooper – Public Animal No 9 (Live 1972)

The Original 2 armed with SG’s were Raw and Rough-in the Best of ways. Buxton and Bruce had the ability to take up a jam and add the explorations that kept the same songs fresh and exciting night after night. They were the foundation for everything thereafter and were everything Rock Guitar is supposed to be. So Many of us wish that band with Dennis Dunaway and Neil Smith could have gone on forever but by 1974 it became the epitome of “When one door Closes, Another Opens.”

Alice Cooper Guitarists from 1974-1979 

Alice continued the Nightmare and the players involved are equally fascinating. Everyone is his own man.  Jim Gannon, Bob Kulick,  Davey Johnstone, Jefferson Kewley. Then you have the Double Trouble team of Dick Wagner and Steve Hunter. The two guitarists brought an incredible dynamic with Wagner’s visionary writing skills as more weaponry and well Steve Hunter is just always been a Force on nature. 

Dick Wagner & Steve Hunter guitar duel

Early 80’s 

John Nitzinger and Mike Pinera arrived and were part of the crew including more work with Mandel and Dick Wagner to create the music for “Flush the Fashion” “Special Forces” and others.

Alice Cooper – Clones (We’re all) – HD

Mid to Late ’80s 

After Alice went through not only a musical transition but a Life change to Sobriety He was Joined by Guitarist Kane Roberts and the time came to relaunch his career as the original Shock Rocker Holding a Televised Concert from Detroit on Halloween night. Machine gun guitars and all.

Alice Cooper. Welcome To My Nightmare. “The Nightmare Returns”. (1986 ). Real VIDEO

1989-2000 Guitarists for Cooper

Players Steph Burns, Pete Friesen, Vinnie Moore, Al Pitrelli, Joe Satriani, Paul Taylor, and even Steve Vai lent their talents to recordings and/ or stage work. This became the time when the industry would refer to musicians as “The A-List”. First calls for work. The bands to follow became the Long timers as they would eventually form a foundation that was as solid as the original Alice Cooper Group.

This period of time was when I started going to see Alice. It is the first time to witness the Talents of Ryan Roxie. 

Reb Beach, Eric Dover, Mark Francis, Pete Friesen, Damon Johnson, and Phil X were active in many forms. Yet Roxie became a mainstay. Albums and tours for “Brutal Planet” and “Dragontown” were creating new Masterpieces in the studio and on the stage.

2003-present day

Jason Hook, Eric Bergeron, Damon Johnson, and Kerri Kelly were in the fun. Roxie was still on Board and Bassist  Chuck Garric entered the band that was gradually becoming the Beast to come later. Lady Badass Orianthi paid her dues on the road as well.

The Ultimate lineup that is the best I’ve seen since the Original is now Garric, Roxie, Tommy Henrickson, and Queen Nita Strauss. It Is a Barn Burner of a band. After Many an Alice show I ticked off on my Bucket List with Up Front Tickets during the 2018 “Paranormal” Tour at The Louisville Palace and you would be hard-pressed to find a tighter and more talented band ever.

Alice cooper Nita Strauss on stage

Alice Cooper Brutal Planet Live 3-18-18 A Paranormal Evening With Tour Louisville Palace KY

Nita Strauss solo Louisville Palace 2018

The Coop has always given 110% for his audience and demands the best players to provide it as well. He’s encouraged those that have worked with him and had aspirations to go elsewhere and chase their dreams to do just that. The Original Villain of Rock is a thoughtful Gentleman offstage, but when the clock says go and “Alice “ has to take over he wants to Tear the place apart and knows how to pick the right guitar players to do just that! 

The guitarists of Alice Cooper have brought their own individual artistry and influences to the band’s music, creating a diverse and dynamic sound. From the bluesy riffs of Glen Buxton to the classical influences of Steve Hunter, each guitarist has left an indelible mark on Alice Cooper’s discography.

Let us celebrate the unique contributions of these talented musicians who have helped shape the landscape of rock music.


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  1. The current band is my favorite lineup ever and actually the Kane Roberts era is my second favorite era. I love all Alice but I actually prefer much of Alice’s solo work to the original band.

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