OM as well as the band “High on Fire” came to be after a Period of the Disbandment of “SLEEP”. In 1995 SLEEP had been around and around with their record label’s refusal to release their 3rd album “Dope Smoker” as they delivered One song lasting over one hour.

Coming from the Success of 1992’s “Holy Mountain” and endless touring and ever-increasing friction with the label and rather weary and bleary heads SLEEP called it a day. a Guitarist Matt Pike built his band while Bass Man and vocalist  Al Cisneros and drummer Chris Hakius continued to work as a Duo.“OM” was Born after some disillusionment with music and much-needed time out for reflection.

In 2003 they unleashed “Variations on a Theme” The band’s name itself derives from the Hindu concept of Om, which refers to the natural vibration of the universe. Their Vibrations were Awesome. 

The Band retain the best qualities that made SLEEP so well Loved. They are Heavy as an avalanche, yet the dynamics in more recent projects like the Album “ Advaitic Songs” are wonderfully colored with all manner of trance spinning choir vocals and key drones. Sitar can be present in a beautiful fashion and is as dramatic as a bone-crushing Bass Riff.

Om live at Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco CA (08.15.04) First Official Show

Om Live At Amoeba FULL

On December 5, 2007, Om performed in Jerusalem. Their performance lasted for over five hours. The band’s 2007 album Pilgrimage was chosen as Mojo Magazine’s “Underground Album of the Year”

Haikus saw the drum throne through the first 3 recordings and tours and then bowed out to Drummer Emil Amos. 

2009 brought in a Guitarist named Robert Lowe and in 2018 he was replaced by Tyler Trotter.

5 studio albums and 4 live albums speak clearly of the ever-evolving sound. OM has made a tremendous amount of fascinating music. 

OM – Flight Of The Empiric Soul (A Meditative Mix)

OM is just an extension of Al’s defined vision. The advantage is his vocal deliveries have a bit more clarity. He has one of those rare vocal styles that after you become aware of it is instantly recognizable. Much Like the dual existence of Black Sabbath and Ozzy’s solo works, SLEEP is back together and when not working as SLEEP “OM” and “High on Fire” do their individual excursions. It all adds up to more music for those of us that Love it. 

om in jam session OM “ Weedians Dream”

OM – Pilgrimage (Full Album) 2007 – Southern Lord Recordings


Om “State of Non-Return”

By Jimmy Flemming

Jimmy Fleming is a Dystonia advocate and Guitarist from Ohio. He authored and co wrote interviews on over 100 articles about guitar and bands on Guitardoor Listen to his latest music and full biography on his website.

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