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Best Of Croatian blues rock guitarist Boris ZAMBA

Borris Zamba Voodoo Ramble Interview

Boris Zamba is a Guitarist, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist from Croatia. Over his time in this world of music, he’s had projects of a number but his latest efforts with The band Voodoo Ramble and some co-writing with mutual friend Pete Feenstra is what got my attention. Boris Zamba of Voodo Ramble was kind enough to be our first guitar player to do the “self-interview” video.

Zamba is an ambitious dedicated musician in that he has even Participated in the Memphis Blues Challenge, here in the States.

I was an instant fan of Zamba from Word Go after seeing the video Of “Cold Hearted Woman” and the song “Midnight Train”. We guitarists after many many years can not only hear and feel the music but we eventually can almost KNOW in some ethereal way How the other musician is feeling and even thinking. Zamba is a fiery guitar player that is so tasteful.

I usually don’t compare players but it’s meant in high Regard his vocal and guitar approach brought Jimmie Vaughan to mind. He can play anything he wants but has the wisdom to serve the song he’s playing. Thank you Good sir Zamba for letting us have a peek at your talent. I will be following from now on because you do what you do so very well.

For more from Boris visit his band’s Facebook page voodoo rumble and listen to his music here in this video.

Voodoo ramble

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