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Rumour Band Breakthrough Brilliance

Today we are chatting with the Rumour Band which is an Americana group that mixes Fleetwood mac and classic folk-rock covers with their own musical creations. We are talking about upcoming shows in the UK and their brilliant breakthrough album “The Journey” and featuring some of their tracks

Who are the Rumour Band and what do you hear?




On the Album, PAUL BRAMBANI played (KEYS, HAMMOND, BACKING VOCALS) but is now retired and replaced by Nick Smith on Keys.

What is being said about the Rumour Band?

“‘Harbour State of Mind’ has a lovely meditative track, with maybe just a hint of Springsteen and even Christine McVie, on the vocals.” – Pete Feenstra

Pete Feenstra Get Ready to Rock Radio

Hello, and Welcome to Guitardoor I would like to start off by asking where is the Rumour band based and how long have you been together as a group? 

 Thanks for having us featured we’re from the West Midlands near Wolverhampton in the UK

I love the tone on “Borderline” What Equipment and Guitar did Peter Brookes Use for this Tune?

I used a Gordon Smith GS which was made for me a long time ago when they were building in Manchester, 1963 Ampeg Reverb Rocket and TC Mojo Mojo, and Ernie ball delay this is the song borderline on Spotify if you would like to have a listen when you are on the go.

Fleetwood Mac has obviously a very big influence on your music. What is your favorite song by the group and why?

Despite being a massive fan, I don’t really have one favorite from Fleetwood Mac. I love never going back again for playing on acoustic. I love Rhiannon for a great musical feel, and because when we play it we keep it loose at the end and see where it leads it often surprises.

I found this video of Rumour Playing at a Fundraiser for Paul Brambani. Can you tell us a little bit more about Paul?

He was an amazing keyboard player for the band Before Nik Smith, especially on the “Hammond Organ” which is a big part of our sound. Paul has really inspired and motivated us when recording the album “The Journey”. Unfortunately, he’s very unwell right now after suffering from a stroke. We hope he has a speedy recovery.

Your Album “The Journey” Did it take long to put together and what have you learned from the experience?

The journey was started a couple of years ago but mostly was done during the lockdown in our own studio in the West Midlands UK.

Does the Rumour Band Have Any Plans for Upcoming Tours/Gigs/Festivals for the rest of the year?

We recently signed with an agency and are talking through a management deal at the moment m in the meantime we’re still doing as much live work and festivals as we can here are some of our upcoming UK Shows.

Finally, Where can we find more information about the Rumour Band and Which Social Networks can we Follow you on Facebook/Youtube/Ect?

Best info on our Facebook Page and Events or our website rumour-Uk .com where you can have a listen to the album “The Journey” in full and check out more of our story and social links and more cool stuff to come.

Thanks for the interview we wish you every success in the future and we look forward to more for the Rumour Band.

Rumour Band: Thank You also Guitardoor

Many Thanks to the Rumour Band for Doing a Guitardoor Interview and we wish especially PAUL BRAMBANI a great speedy recovery here is one more I enjoyed from the album The Journey called Let it, Roll.

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