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Erin Coburn is on the trajectory of becoming a Legendary Guitarist. She is Talent combined with determination. Her shows and her personality are both a lesson in Intensity, the proper dynamics of music delivered with a sense of humor. Erin is not only a brilliant player, writer, and vocalist. She is an entertainer with an axe that rocks.

That is a Mix of her current popularity and the inevitable future of Bigger things. She has no fear of working hard and is leaving a trail of fire on the road behind her. She can play the Blues, Rock your face off and mix styles from other areas seamlessly and it works. Erin Coburn is a True original and is an Artist and Musician, she has earned every positive word ever written about her. 

Erin Coburn Change of Venue Erin Coburn “Burning Brightly”

I originally planned to go to a show to do the interview but with Covid always lurking I will have to wait to get Coburned. I expressed to her I was still in attendance virtually and she still translates the live experience via the net. The second video section here is a diversion from our norm. I chose to include the entire set as if you are new to Erin it’s just a must-see. We caught back up for this after one of many Runs of Shows on tour.

And Awaaaaaay we Go!

The run of shows was a blast! Thank you for tuning in to the shows online! 

I totally understand the risk and would much rather you be safe! My band and I take precautions seriously and wear masks and distance as much as possible.”

I suppose mainly what I’m going for is what brought you to the Guitar.  What was your first guitar, First performance?

“It all started with the acoustic guitar my mom had gotten my dad for one of their anniversaries. My dad hardly played it, so me being a curious two-year-old at the time I found it and claimed it as my own. There are actually videos of me playing that acoustic guitar in my diaper, and it was so much bigger than me that it looked like an upright bass! So, that was the first guitar I ever played, but my parents eventually got me my own guitar when I was seven. It was a little pink “Luna” acoustic guitar with fairies painted on it.”

“ My first performance ever was on stage at Northern Kentucky University for a recital at the place I took lessons. I wrote my own little instrumental blues song called “Alligator Blues”. That night after the recital, my parents and I went to Guitar Center and I got my first electric guitar. The door to improv and solos opened greatly after getting that electric guitar along with performing at open mics around the Cincinnati area. All of that led to my first official paid gig at age 12.”

Who are your primary influences?  

“My primary influences (not just for guitar) have to be Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Gwen Stefani, Gary Clark Jr., BROCKHAMPTON, Polyphia, B.B. King, and so many more. Actually, I feel pretty much everyone inspires me.”

What are your fondest memories of the road and people you have met or worked with?

“I have so many fond memories on the road! In fact, I’ve found the road feels more like home than the house I live in when I’m not on tour! There have been so many positive and fun experiences and so many amazing people I have met along the way. One of my favorite road memories would have to be when I opened for Marcus King at the Kalamazoo State Theater in Michigan. It was the coolest venue and Marcus was so nice! I’ve also played with Joseph Wooten at Third and Lindsley in Nashville. I was pretty young and being able to get on stage with him and so many incredible players truly inspired me to give this my all.  I’m so thankful to have met so many amazing, talented people. “

Plans for the near future?

“My plans for the near future:

I am constructing a full commercial recording studio in Middletown, OH this Spring and summer! I am a certified audio engineer so when I am not on the road I work in my studio. I also plan on releasing my fourth album in 2022 and putting together a big tour to promote that. Also, working on touring internationally. “

Tell me a bit about the guitar you are playing now, the Headless ones and how did that come into your world?

“Ah yes! My Strandberg! I went to NAMM for the first time a couple of years ago representing Bad Cat Amps. I saw the Strandberg booth and instantly wanted to play one. After playing them, I kept coming back to the booth. I couldn’t get enough of them! Once I got back home from NAMM, I HAD to play one again otherwise I was going to go crazy. They just felt so right.”

“I drove 3 hours to the closest dealer, Sweetwater Sound in Ft Wayne, Indiana, just to go play another Strandberg. That is when I finally decided to buy one. I really wanted that guitar to come in for a recorded live session I was doing in Knoxville that week, but it wasn’t supposed to be delivered until after that. I decided to reach out to Strandberg and tell them about me falling in love with the way their guitars play and that I would be honored if I could represent them as an artist. With that, I became part of the Strandberg family, they mailed me the guitar and were able to bring one to the Knoxville video shoot. 

I haven’t stopped playing these guitars and never will. True love does exist”. 

Any advice for a person deciding to be a player right now for their future?

“DON’T STOP! People will tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing, but if what you are doing right now is making you happy and continually inspiring you, KEEP GOING!!”

Erin Coburn at The Mockingbird Theater

“Also, as a guitar player, take inspiration from everything. Anything from horn solos, rap lines, drum beats, keyboard solos, etc. You don’t have to have only guitar players to pull from. You can create super unique sounds just by pulling from other instruments (or even sounds from nature!). “

Erin Coburn Playing Live Erin Coburn “Burning Brightly”

Erin is part of the icebreakers who have come out to make great music again. There was a lull for a while where everything was sounding the same and no originality was present. I had a difficult time being inspired for a minute. She is definitely one like myself who took her youth and feelings of not quite fitting in and made them her calling card. When you Force the Misfit’s hand they use it for fuel to create.

I do not believe she has written a bad song. I don’t think she is capable of that. There is no Filler material to be found. I also cannot nor would I compare her to anyone else and I think that’s the thing I like most. There is a lot of info on her Web page so no need to repeat that, just pay a visit there.  

She is also well studied in Classic Rock, and you may well hear Erin quote a Hendrix lick or Yardbirds Melody in any given song live as a playful homage.

Over many years I’ve been asked “who would you like to sit down and Jam with?”. The List is gradually changing to include “Erin Coburn”. The reason beyond the Talent is that she knows this is supposed to be Fun.

 I don’t think I’ve seen anyone in quite some time who comes on a Stage like it’s the 4th of July.

Erin Coburn just gets it and delivers, every time. No matter your age or experience we can all find inspiration in each other. Thank you Erin for taking the time and I’ve no doubt they will soon have you in the encyclopedia as the definition of “Bad Ass”.

Keep the Pedal down, Throttle wide open, and That Fire lit. The world needs that and you do it very very well.  You are Leading us out of the Darkness. Erin Coburn looks like she is going to be burning brightly for many years to come.

By Jimmy Flemming

Jimmy Fleming is a Dystonia advocate and Guitarist from Ohio. He authored and co wrote interviews on over 100 articles about guitar and bands on Guitardoor Listen to his latest music and full biography on his website.

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