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Who Says Pop Songs Don’t Work With The Blues?

Voodoo Ramble Pop Songs Dont Work Woth The Blues

Pop songs and blues music may seem like vastly different genres, but they can actually work together quite well. Both genres are rooted in storytelling and emotion, and pop songs often incorporate elements of blues music such as soulful vocals and bluesy guitar riffs. Additionally, many pop songs use chord progressions that are similar to those found in blues music. This combination can create a unique sound that appeals to a wide range of listeners. Overall, while pop and blues may have their differences, they can certainly complement each other in a musical context.

If you think “pop songs don’t work with the blues” that’s sort of true according to Voodoo Ramble who launched their album “Can’t Write a Pop Song When you Got the Blues” from the band who are quite simply out of this world when it comes to making pop songs work with the blues.

Borris Zamba the Croatian Blues Rock Guitarist of VR speaks about making “Midnight train” “London Town” and other great tunes from Voodoo Ramble. Which features songs written by the host of the Pete Feenstra Boom Boom Show “Get Ready to Rock” Today I am interviewing guitarist Boris Zamba from Voodoo Ramble in his Second Guitardoor Interview.

Borris did a Guitardoor Interview where he gave us great musical insight and showed us some great guitar licks he uses in the blues-rock band Voodoo Ramble. But today we are going to be talking about VR’s latest songs “The Soulful Sound of Midnight Train”, “I know it’s you” and London Town and why you can’t write a pop song when you got the blue 4 great Voodoo ramble singles and the Guitardoor Interview.

Midnight train has a great soul sound like something from the commitments movie soundtrack can you tell us more about the tune instruments and equipment people involved in the recording of the song ECT?

For “Midnight Train” the lyrics were written by Mr. Pete Feenstra of Get Ready to Rock Radio and Boom Boom Club and when I got the lyrics that song came out as a 20 minutes wonder just came pouring out it has that soul wipe inside so I made such an approach to it so you can hear the brass section and backing vocals along with the band well to me it came out surprisingly good since I didn’t write the lyrics but after all, there are seven more collaboration songs on this album well when we talk about the song I know it’s you I have to point out one thing that’s been around lately I think.

Song Midnight train

I feel there’s too much comparing about music these days. When you listen to certain music for years some of that music stays in your head so when you write you’ll probably include that in your writing of songs.

The song I know it’s you has a very dark side of the moon sound to it are you a big Gilmour fan?

The Song “I know it’s you” is my conversation with him with capital H. The best way to describe the song is “it’s like a small prayer from me” I must say for this song music came at first kind of mystical as it is so words just made it complete I think this is the most complete song on the album and the longest track. Six and a half minutes I’m very proud of that song.

I know it’s You Song by Voodoo Ramble

Any clash influences you have really stand out in this pop-rock ballad London Town but I hear something else more 90’s in there how did you get along writing a song about a town?

The lyrics for the song London town were written by Mr. Pete Feenstra since he is a Londoner he wrote great lyrics about the city and I just had to make it as long as possible I remember I told him that I would like to make the chorus of the song recognizable so any tourist in the pub could pick it up and sing along and I think we did it. The song is catchy and that chorus rings and stays in your head long after the song is over always look up never look down very positive chorus.

Pop Songs Do Work With The Blues: London Town Song by Voodoo Ramble

What can fans of Voodoo Ramble Look forward to in the next few months Shows/ New Albums Ect?

Voodoo ramble will be playing live shows promoting the album hopefully we’re gonna sing London town in London this year we have a busy summer ahead of us so maybe we’ll meet somewhere and we are already working on the new album which will probably come out next year.

Thank you Chris for this Guitardoor interview.

Stay Well everybody and enjoy pop working with the blues

Work With The Blues: Pete Feenstra and Boris Zamba on the Radio

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