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Christian Sans GUITAR

Christian Sans Guitar

Today we are having a quick chat with a guitarist from Spain Christian Sans. He has a few performances and songs to share with us.

Christian Tell us about your History as a Guitarist and performer?

I started to play guitar when I was 14. By listening to bands like Metallica, Black Sabbath, Misfits, and Hamlet, I developed my liking for this instrument and the music. In the beginning, I only played their songs and I especially liked to play Metallica songs. Now I play other stuff but still enjoy these groups.

Goals set for yourself on the musical level?

The main thing for me is to keep enjoying music and playing. I would love to perform in bars, pubs, and other events. Professionally, keep playing my favorite musicians and at the same time also go on with my own songs and compositions. 

So you write your own material?

Yes, I do. I have a musical Projet with other guys. Some Acoustic music is progressive rock. Metal, flamenco naturally as I am from Spain, folk, and salsa music.  I was playing in other bands writing my own material. 

As a working Musician what do you prefer to use Guitar and gear wise?

I have a good Tanglewood guitar at the moment but I would really love a Martin acoustic and a good busking amp. Busking in Dublin is great apart from the Rain so I will probably need some kind of Waterproof Busing Amp lol. But I will probably go for a Cube Amp as they are great for busking as I heard a few others using them over the last few years on my travels and in Barcelona.

Since being involved in music have you had any funny or crazy experiences while performing to the public?

I remember one time I was playing with a group of stoner metal in my hometown in Asturias in a performance and I was very drunk and high on LSD, towards bad weather the power went out and the generator and the music stopped and I continued playing for a few seconds, I lost the sense of where I was.

Many people set a five-year plan in the business, where do you want to see yourself in that time?

I hope to see myself still busking playing in a band, composing songs, and overall enjoying the guitar as I have always done.

Christian Sans Nick Drake Cover Place to be

Playing black-eyed dog by Nick Drake

Who are your favorite influences?

Syd Barret of Pink Floyd, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Nick Drake as you can see in the videos, Neil Young, Hendrix, Rosendo, and Triana are Spanish bands that influenced my guitar playing. But this is a great group from Spain. I would like to share if you want to learn something about Spanish guitar bands’ styles. I also recommend Triana who do this Flamenco Rock and Progressive rock type stuff and Guitarist EDUARDO RODRÍGUEZ RODWAY is amazing in his solo projects also, Rosendo Mercado of the Spanish rock group Leño which means “Log” in English I dont know if that’s a piece of wood or something on a computer but they were voted the 13th best spanish rock band by the rolling stone magazine in 2012, Barricada are from Pamplona in Northern Spain they are hard Rock guitarist Alfredo Piedrafita shows how to execute riffs on his youtube channel just like he did with the band , which are good bands from Spain that influenced my guitar-playing styles

Pata Negra live

Where can people find out more about you and your music?

I have more videos on my Facebook profile page that I just launched and you can also watch them if you want to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Performances by Christian Sans Guitar

Playing, When the levee breaks Led Zeppelin

Christian Sans All Along the Watchtower

Christian is currently looking for gigs in pubs or bars around Ireland if you wish to contact him on his Facebook page.

Lets Dance on a Cube Amp in Dublin City

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