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Guitarists Amazing Radio Playlist

finding guitar phrases

Amazing radio was our final when the site is was new and we did not want to spend countless hours configuring a WordPress plugin to sell music online and the cost factor.

We have just opted for an amazing radio page for the moment which seems functional enough for emerging and established artists.

Jimmy has uploaded a few tracks there if you wish to listen or even make a small donation to the music he makes. Listen to the amazing radio playlist Jimmy has uploaded here and any feedback will be appreciated. In the meantime, Jimmy is writing about 1930s music and animation on my own blog. Where he has some written amazing posts over the past few weeks.

This is Jimmy with his gretch a few years ago. I think he still has those boots somewhere. but like most musicians, he is busy doing a little work on the other aspects of the site and social media. Have a look at the music on the amazing playlist we are compiling.

Jimmy and the gretch

If you are using amazing radio as a musical artist and would like to have your amazing radio music featured on this site. Go to the contact page and tell us a few words about your music track about 400+ is ideal. Then include the track you want to promote on amazing radio and we can feature you in the playlist here or future amazing radio playlists and on the blog. The only rule is a guitar site so only music that has guitars.

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