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“Are You Blind?” EP by Multi Music Masters: A Blues Revelation Unveiled

Are You Blind

I just had a listen to the latest works of Mick Pini, Pete Feenstra Craig Marshall, and other multi music masters such as Audio 54. Mick was the artist featured in the torch bearer of the blues article interview Guitarist Mick Pini sent me a preview of his “Are you blind” ep. The ep is part of the forthcoming musically diverse “Way Ahead” sessions and will be released this September digitally and on CD. The EP Album will be digitally available for download on House of Happiness Records a Swiss based record label. “Are you blind” is also on sites like Spotify, Bandcamp, and other music share sites?

The 4 track Multi Music Ep Songs My opinion

Are you blind? an uplifting mix of blues and reggae with amazing wah guitar.

Late Night Blues is an instant classic blues tune with the licks on the guitar as soft, sweet, and spicy as a jalapeno with those sweet soulful guitar sounds.

Hard lesson in love piano tones and strings and meets the blues in this beautiful ballad

Full Moon Blues is a deep smooth blues track with a mellow bass, slick blues licks, and Mick’s deep vocals of a howling wolf perfect for the madman blues nights we all have.

Reviews And Comments On Other Sites About The “Are You Blind” EP

“We’ve released another EP to illustrate the different material we’ve been working on. It also reflects my enjoyment of working digitally with Craig. It’s like collaborating on a painting. Craig pinged over some new ideas and I loved working on them, while Pete Feenstra’s lyrics really sparked something, especially on ‘Hard Lesson In Love’.”

Mick Pini on Bluesintown

Producer Craig Marshall whose work in recording dates back to 2002 when he recorded “Popular Crimes in The Star Apple Kingdom, Austin, TX” adds:

“Mick asked me if I had any more tracks that he could contribute to. I had a reggae-based track called ‘Are You Blind?’ which was a work in progress. I wasn’t sure that Mick would be interested, but I was wrong as he loved it and his guitar playing completely transformed it.

Craig Marshall

From the review on Blues in Town

Collaboration was also done on the other tracks as the result of bouncing ideas around over the internet, and incorporating Pete’s lyrics on ‘Hard Lesson in Love’ and ‘Full Moon Blues.

On ‘Late Night Blues’ Mick shows his versatility and sensitivity, while on ‘Hard Lesson In Love’ he literally looked at the lyrics and recorded the track almost immediately. He then sent me all the tracks to mix and I added strings and horns where I thought they would fit, but really nothing else was needed. What you hear is what went down.”

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Pasta and Blues in Belgium 14th August

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