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Best Blues Guitar Albums

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Making a list of the best blues guitar albums ever is not easy but these are the best 5 blues guitar albums to have in your collection. So you have a collection of a Range of blues music to listen to when you can’t go online.

Best electric guitar blues album

B.B. King Live at the Regal is the musical Bible of every famous player to follow after.

B.B. KING – Live At The Regal (Full Album 1964)

Best blues rock guitar album

Rory Gallagher’s Irish Tour 74” is a Blistering guitar document. It was for many in the world the introduction to Rory’s true abilities..Live with nowhere to hide. He delivered fearless powerhouse performances.

Rory Gallagher – “Cradle Rock” ( Irish Tour 1974)


SON HOUSE “Live at the Gaslight Inn” is a 1965 New York City revelation. Son house as a man was sometimes a subject of difficulty even for himself but put the National Steel in his hands and he would lay out the Truth of the Blues in all its somber glory.

Death Letter Blues performed by Son House

Best acoustic blues guitar albums

Robert Johnson King of the Delta Blues Singers is the album that shook the world and I would imagine every major Player from Clapton to Keith Richards and thousands more had their world rocked by the complex simultaneous rhythm and lead of Robert. It sparked off a fire that set the world alight and someone somewhere right now is listening to those songs as you are reading this.

Robert Johnson \ King Of The Delta Blues Singers Vol. I, 1961 [Full Album]

(Runner up…._  Charlie Patton Vol 1, I must include this as he was the very first Legend of the Blues…predating Robert Johnson. 

Best blues guitar solo albums

The Complete Blind Willie Johnson. Johnson was blinded as a youth as an irate parent threw Lye in his face. He was essentially an evangelist with a Guitar. Blind Willy Johnson was Preaching in the grooves of the record. He was accompanied vocally by his wife. His song “ Dark Was the Night Cold Was the Ground “ is one of the songs selected to have been placed on the Space Station as a document of human achievement.

Blind Willie Johnson – Best Of Blind Willie Johnson

Best blues on Guitardoor

R.L. Burnside The King of the Mississippi Hill Country Blues. There will never be another like him. 

Mick Pini  Stands Tall and Has been Hailed By Clapton as the Success of Peter Green.

Ritchie Dave Porter Birmingham, England‘s  Unique and ever-rising Blues Master of the Telecaster.

Blue Rick is New York’s keeper of all things sacred in music. He Keeps the elements of Great American music New, Fresh and Relevant.

Boris Zamba His work in “Voodoo Ramble” is a testament to the fact that Blues is the world’s music. The Blues Guitarist from Croatia is a Master of any music he puts his mind to.

Micheal Katon the Guitarist from Hell has an authentic traditional hard-hitting blues-rock sound

Chris Dempsey

Chris Dempsey

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