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Sweet Soulful Guitar To Discover

A list of featured guitarists and bands with sweet soulful guitar sounds and sweet soul licks. These are some of the artists who did a guitardoor interview and other input to the site and Facebook page so I featured their music in this article. You can also get your music featured by doing a guitardoor interview if you wish get in contact with us or use the prefilled interview page or send us a message on Facebook.

Sweet Soulful Guitar from Born healer Till the Dawn

Video Till the Dawn Born Healer

Born Healer, the soul and blues band, has created a track that is an absolute treat for the senses. The guitar sounds, created by the talented Ian Black, are soulful and reminiscent of the Black Crowes, showcasing his mastery of the craft. Paired with his guitar skills, Helen Turner’s voice is nothing short of magical – the kind that will make you feel as though you’re floating on a cloud. Together, they have created a beautifully harmonious composition that will resonate with anyone who appreciates the power of soulful and bluesy music.

Sweet Sounds of Dark and Wild Mojo Preachers

We featured the Mojo Preachers a few months ago after discovering this sweet soulful guitar song sang live in London Tuesday blues club 100 check out their album review on the rock in me radio station Get Ready to rock radio.

Simple Sweet Bluesy Soul Style Licks in “I can hear the train a-coming” Ritchie Dave Porter and Debra Susan

The Birmingham Blues legend and Partner Debra Susan’s simple soulful sounds of a telecaster with a Fender Champion 100 and catchy uplifting lyrics have a summery sound that will make you want to dance around at 3 am. Currently, Debra Susan and Ritchie Dave Porter have this track out on Spotify

Sweet Soulful Guitar On Midnight Train Voodoo Ramble

We Recently featured Boris Zamba of Voodoo ramble in our article Who Says Pop Songs Don’t work with the Blues This is one of the featured tracks written by Mr.Pete Feenstra of Boom Boom Club from the Album “Can’t write a Pop Song When You got the blues“. Its sweet soulful guitar sounds mixed with bright-sounding brass have made this tune into an instant classic.

Soulful Late Night Blues Mick Pini

Sometimes I have to treat the blog posts like a weekly radio show so I had been chatting with Mick Pini who we featured in the article torch bearer of the Blues and if he had what we call a sweet soulful guitar song in his discography of more than 6 albums and various independent works. To contribute to this article he told me about a few tunes Late-Night Blues and a cover of “I Got It Bad from Peter Green Song of Fleetwood Mac but I have chosen this one Late Night Blues to blend with the other tracks mentioned in the article.

Jimmy Flemings’s Soulful Guitar Track Burning Flame

Jimmy helped me ground the foundations of guitardoor with his amazing music and insightful articles till he went on to work on new projects a few months ago including building his website where you can listen to the Music of Jimmy Fleming. This is an amazing sweet soulful guitar sound on Burning Flame.

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