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FeelGood Rock Pop Meets the Blues

If you are looking for some Feelgood rock pop meets the blues  you are in the right place.

Check out the debut single by Feenstra and Simpson titled: “Your Eyes Gave You Away”.

Pete has traded his blues for pop-rock on the first song co-written with Singer and Guitarist John Simpson (formerly of the Wilko Johnson acclaimed Feegood Band)

John Simpson is sometimes confused with a famous news reporter on the same name, but there’s no denying his vocal and guitar quality on a Tom Petty influenced track, on which promoter, rock/blues radio broadcaster and author Pete Feenstra tells us “I came up with a song idea with an “oooh” refrain and the lyrics, while John did the hard bit, making the music, arrangement and vocals, as well as the video.”

John Simpson made his name in the Feelgood band who were a gigging homage to the Wilko Johnson era Dr Feelgood. Click hear for a : Feelgoods Band Live Review.

But as the new song suggests, he Simpson also has a flair for pop-rock.

The Tune has been compared to Tom Petty Guitarist style, The Travelin’ Wilburys, Squeeze and others. However there’s a definite also “Eaglesish” feel, reminiscent of say, “One of these nights”, while the rhythm reflects Simpson’s rhythm and blues background.

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Prior to this single the duo were separately involved in rhythm and blues and the rock/blues scene with a massive collection of shows and some great Rock/BluesTalk and music over the years. You can find some on sites like Mixcloud and of course on the Get ready to rock archives.


Your Eyes Gave You Away – Feenstra and Simpson

“A little Wilburys …..nice song. Will Birch Producer
“If some famous boy-band or successful The Voice contender was looking for material far above and beyond the usual drivel, they might find it here.”

Alan Clayson Reviewer/author

“Reminded me of Squeeze in their melodic heyday.”

Dave Lewis – Musicologist/author

“Instantly likeable melody with lyrics which I can personally relate to, reminds me of a song Tom Petty might have covered.”
Dr Jetty

The result surprised both of us,” concludes Pete. “I started out with a poppy idea and John’s musical vision transformed it into something that envelopes you, like all good pop music used to do.”

For myself at first it’s Feelgood Rock Pop and “Heartbreaker Blues” I say this as the riff is a little like the song “Heartbreaker” although the hit did have a bluesy feel to it which I guess it gives the tune it’s slick 80’s feel, or perhaps something like the guitar in “I am a woman in love.”

I hear a modern day Pop meets Rock/Blues sound, while the Tom Petty sound comes from his Travelling Wilburys Days.

FeelGood Rock Pop on Spotify Your Eyes Gave You Away

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