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Sweet and Spicy New Guitar Sounds From The Birmingham Blues Duo

Great musicians are always creating and Birmingham blues duo Ritchie Dave Porter and Debra Susan have just made a new track “Sugar and Spice” which is released on Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify. I asked Ritchie about the new Track after hearing a cleaner overall sound and great production by Micheal Tingle. If there was much new equipment and he told me that Mike was still using the same old 32 Channel Mixer but Ritchie was playing his new guitar and amp a Fender Squire Affinity Telecaster and Fender Champion 50xl amplifier. This is how the Birmingham blues legend demos the new guitar rig with some sweet and spicy sounds and sweet soulful guitar.

Fender Squier Affinity series Arctic White Telecaster played by Ritchie Dave Porter

The Blues Duo are confirmed to play at the Nantwich Jazz and Blues festival on Easter Sunday 17th at 2 pm. This is the original Youtube Video of Sugar and Spice. This track is one of my Favorites from the Jazz and Blues Duo “Lonely and Blue” reworked for 2022 with the Arctic White Telecaster.

Lonely and Blue by Ritchie Dave Porter and Debra Susan

‘Sugar and Spice’ by Ritchie Dave Porter and Debra Susan

Birmingham Blues Duo
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There have been 10 original Ritchie Dave Porter and Debra Susan blues singles released on Amazon and iTunes and Spotify produced by Michael Tingle who also designed and updates our website which has all Rock and Blues reviews and news of releases. 

Ritchie’s current thoughts and plans for 2022

“We will be releasing an album of all original Ritchie Dave Porter and Debra Susan songs in 2022.

Guitars used are three Fender Squier Affinity Telecasters and two Fender Squier Bullet Telecasters with one Fender Squire FSR Telecaster all played through a Fender Champion 50XL amplifier with no effects pedals whatsoever. 

All songs are written by Ritchie Dave Porter and Debra Susan.

I write the Telecaster riffs, chord structures, and solos and Debra writes all lyrics and melodies. “

From the outset of launching Guitardoor, we wanted to view it as an ever-expanding family of artists. We want to thank Ritchie and Debra for their ongoing support of our endeavors here. They along with Blues Legend Mick Pini and others have come on board to promote us as we promote them. 

We greatly appreciate that the concept works in reciprocal nature. We also want to convey that if you work with us you are not limited to a one-time article. We wish to keep up with your music ongoing and we grow as you grow. It’s a matter that we value the artists as much as they become our friends and we walk together in our collective journeys. 


Three Tiny Words

Three Tiny Words Ritchie Dave Porter and Debra Susan

No Chains to Bind You

Lonely and Blue


I Can Hear the Train a Comin’

Ritchie’s discography

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