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Peter Greene is known for his unique and influential guitar style, which is characterized by its raw and emotive sound. He often used a Gibson Les Paul guitar and played with a lot of distortion and feedback, creating a distinctive tone that was both aggressive and expressive. His playing was heavily influenced by the blues, and he often incorporated elements of jazz and rock into his music. Overall, Peter Greene’s guitar style is widely regarded as a seminal influence on modern blues and rock music.

You Probably know more of the Beautiful Black Magic music of Peter Green than you think as his tunes have been cover vastly and used in advertisements and movie soundtracks over the years. While I was familiar with the music of Peter and Greeny it was guitarist and torchbearer of the blues Mick Pini who brought him to my attention with his track Blues for Peter Green.

It all began one day back in the 60s when producer Mike Vernon got a big surprise when he noticed a different amp in the Studio. When he asked why is that there he was told “Eric Clapton’s Gone and we have a new Guitarist. That guitarist was originally a bass player named Peter Green or Officially Peter Allen Greenbaum who went on to make some of the most magical guitar music ever on guitar.For the Full Background on the Story of Peter Green have a look at this video documentary from the BBC on Peter Green. Songs spoke about  in the Documentary include “The Stumble”, “ Shake your Money Maker” and of course better know tunes like Albatross and Black Magic Woman. But first Peter introducing his Classic song ooh well live at music mash in 1969 to get the fell of Peter Green in his prime.

The Story behind the Beautiful Black Magic Tune and The Life of Peter Green

The Les Paul 1959 Standard Peter Green Guitar Nickname “Greeny”

Probably one of the most famous guitars ever is Peter Greens guitar called “Greeny” which he used during his time with John Mayall and his Bluesbreakers and playing in Fleetwood mac. Greeny was later sold to guitarist Gary Moore who used it for solo performances and during his time with the Irish rock band Thin Lizzy but due to financial reasons Gary sold it in 2006 and after passing through various guitar collectors it was acquired by Metiallica guitarist Kirk Hamment in 2014 and has been used in live performances and brought on tour by Kirk since. These are some of the reasons why Peter Greens Guitar is so sought after by Players and Collectors of Guitar Explained in the Following Video by Youtuber “The Guitar Historian

Albatross Guitar Tab Peter Green Style Guitar Playiing

For those of you looking into playing the great style of Peter Green you are probably learning tunes like the instrumental track Albatross which uses alot of Fingerstyle techniques. This is an easier version with a downloadable tab as PDF via the Youtube Channel.

Albums peter green played guitar on

Peter is officially credited with playing on 24 albums which does not include other collaborations and projects. His first Two Albums from labels Royal Disks and Eurotrend have an unknown release date while the Album Evil Woman Blues which is his first officially dated recorded album was Released in 1967 after that he released 22 more until his final recorded album “End Game in 2019” and featured on The Many Faces of Fleetwood Mac before passing away in “2020” leaving behind an amazing collection of music for us to enjoy. Like such classics as “The Chain, Gold Dust Woman and this one from 1980 called “Crying won’t bring you back” with Peter on Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar from Paul Westwood on Bass Drums played by Dave Mattacks the Organ player Roy Shipston and Ronnie Johnson on Rhythm guitar to name a few.

Playing Guitar like Green Black magic woman Peter Green Style guitar lesson

Finally I am leaving you with a video on Playing Black Magic woman Peter green or Fleetwood mac style by the Youtube Channel Shut up and Play Guitar Tutorials