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Born Healer:keeping soul music alive

Born Healer Band Members

Born Healer “Preaching Soul”

The Band “Born Healer” is a ray of light and hope. They are keeping classic rock and soul alive and fresh without being a retro act. This is new, valid, and spans a wide range of styles that carries something for every listener. As long as you listen to great music like the music of born healer.

Vocalist Helen Turner has her own voice, she has her own style of delivery I’ve not heard before and in an age when Nothing is new under the Sun….She has defied that by bringing “New” to the table in a variety of ways. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland she is very much at ease fronting this great band and owns the stage she’s on no matter when or where.

Guitarist Ian Black is another who copies no one and is highly adept at painting many a sonic picture. His versatility is boundless and his playing can be as Hot as any and subtle in the perfect places. The maturity of this band as a unit implies they know the unwritten rule to “Serve the Song”.

Bassist Marek Funkas is one of the founders of this band, now laying down the bottom end since 2015, and has a very focused approach to his art. He is unshakeable. Godzilla could be coming at him on Fire Like Arthur Brown Juggling Chainsaws and he would not stray from his spot nor drop one second of steady groove.

On the Drum throne, you find Steve Weaver. Steve comes in after original drummer Andy Jones. The band is Respectably Family in that they purposely want both men recognized as integral to the Groove. Both Steve and Andy can Groove with the very best.

With Songs like “Heavy Rumble,” you find not only a great song but also a wonderful delivery. Ian Black’s guitar tone is something he has honed to perfection. It is (even in my own playing) sometimes easy to forget Clarity. Be it a Rhythm, or simple chord every note is clean and well pronounced. He treats every aspect of his work as important to the sound of the band. This band is all Team players.

Heavy Rumble Born Healer

“Pressure Valve” Kicking its Funky drums and perfect guitar grit is accentuated in Harmony vocals and Helen’s Voice is Preaching Soul. Again.Hey…Godzilla’s still coming and Bassman Marek isn’t moving an inch.  It’s one of the best-crafted songs I’ve heard in a while.


Being a Guitar Based entity I wanted to get down to Ian’s Tools of Tone.  “My main guitar, which I use almost exclusively, is a Gibson 1989 Les Paul Standard (cherry sunburst). My primary amp is a hand-wired clone of a Marshall JTM45 built from a Ceriatone kit by Martin Whelan of Martamp/MJW amps and modded to include London Power Scaling.  I use it with an MJW 2×12 cab fitted with two Scumback J75 12″ speakers.” 

“ On my pedalboard, I have a Robert Keeley-modded Ibanez TS808 Tubescreamer, which I have on all the time; I vary the level of drive to get my clean and crunch sounds.  Aside from some studio reverb, this rig is what I used to record all guitar parts on our forthcoming album, which should be out in a couple of months.”

“ For gigs, I use an original Zendrive for most solos, and I have an MXR Carbon Copy delay on a very short delay all the time, which I compliment with a Boss DSD-3 Delay on a longer delay and/or a Boss CH1 Chorus.  I also use a Boss TU2 Tuner and a few looper switches from UK independent Vein Tap.” 

Born Healer has also been a Live band whose past years Gig List shows dedication and Professional Ethics. You can take a look for yourself at their web page 

This Band is a direct retraction to the detractors who say “Rock is Dead”. They are Solid, Jamming, Determined, and just plain Awesome. They will Hopefully someday come over here to The States and Shake some Stages. Failing that If you are from here and plan to fly across the Pond, try and plan around a Born Healer Show. I think you will be Grinning from ear to Ear That you did.  

Born Healer Live On Stage
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