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Finding a great song to learn on guitar

Finding a great song to learn on guitar

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If you've been strumming those strings for a time, finding an alluring song to master on guitar can be a bit tricky. It's not just about selecting a popular tune, trust me. Even as an experienced player, I've been ensnared by catchy beats only to find they lack the depth and intricacy that truly hones my skills - not to mention the allure to play again and again. Popular doesn't always mean good, especially when it comes to the guitar world. It’s essential to grasp that you're not just finding a song. You're searching for a pathway to enhance your playing in the rhythm, progression, and even the key. Yes, my friend, venturing beyond comfort zones into different keys and chords can be game-changing. For example, you may not fancy bands like Gypsy Kings, yet their flamenco vibe can expose you to strumming techniques and chord shifts you haven't imagined. At the same time, see if you can find a sweet spot between interest and monotony. For instance, if you're an amateur, songs with repetitive melodies may not thrill you, whereas a seasoned player might appreciate the variations in rhythm. One such versatile song that I'd dare to propose is 'Black Magic Woman.' It has a captivating mix of strumming, solos, and riffs. Despite its initial allure or lack thereof, once your fingers glide through those chords, you might feel a connection with your guitar like never before.

Choosing a Perfect Guitar Song: Pleasing Sounds and Skill Enhancement

If we're honest, understanding the music we choose to study on the guitar is fundamental to our enjoyment. We might assume that our favorite songs are always the easiest to pick up, but that's not always true. In one instance, I found myself despising some of my preferred tunes because their simplicity hindered my progression. They typically featured fewer chord changes or had a clumsy progression that made practice tedious rather than enjoyable. Conversely, I sometimes found delight in practicing songs that I initially didn't care for because they proved fascinating to play. Take, for example, the song 'Patience' by Take That. I never anticipated enjoying a pop track but the slight slide from the F# to G note in such a melodic part proved to be extraordinary for my ear training. On the flip side, some of the tunes we love can be somewhat monotonous to play, like "Break on through" by the Doors. It primarily consists of an Em and D which may seem simple, but the rhythm's consistency in this song forces you to get better at maintaining a steady strumming pattern. It may not be intricate or complex, but it's an excellent example of how you can learn persistence in rhythm guitar playing.  Choosing a tune that provides a balance between interest and learning aspects is critical. Therefore, I'd propose diving into songs with keys that vary and chords that stimulate further advancement of your guitar playing. One of my top recommendations for all aspiring guitarists is “Black Magic Woman." This song has a mixture of both strumming and detailed solos, making it an excellent choice as it enhances different areas of your skills. It's not about sticking solely to popular tracks but exploring the full spectrum of music and understanding how their composition can either aid or impede your growth as a budding guitarist.

The Art of Selecting the Perfect Tune to Learn on Your Guitar: Is Popularity the Best Gauge?

In the journey of learning the guitar, you're likely to encounter a breathtaking spectrum of songs to choose from. The plethora of options can be daunting, but there's a simple guiding philosophy - if a song speaks to your soul, chances are, it's a fantastic one to embark on learning. However, remember that on occasion, even songs that don't make your heart skip a beat may still prove deeply rewarding when brought to life by your fingertips on the guitar. Drawing from my musical journey, I've delved into songs that I didn't particularly care for at first listen, only to discover a rich tapestry of chords and rhythms that ignited newfound passion within my playing. Meanwhile, the allure of popular songs, though tempting, may sometimes be a mirage. Their seemingly unceasing repetition of 'cowboy' chords, coupled with familiar strumming techniques, might not provide the intellectual and skill challenge you're seeking. Don't shy away from complexity or originality; for instance, venture into different keys, experiment with a variety of chords. The intricate dance between simple 'bland' songs and vividly complex tunes is a fascinating adventure, offering unique experiences for both hobbyist players and seasoned professionals. As an illustration of a versatile song, consider Santana's 'Black Magic Woman' - it's a fantastic song to learn with its enticing blend of rhythmic strumming, evocative solos, and intricate riffs.

Choosing Guitar Songs that Enhance Skills, not Just Popular Tunes: Why Key Matters

As you journey through the landscape of guitar music, you may find yourself pulled towards the haunting and often melancholic beauty of the D minor (Dm) chord. A cornerstone in countless songs, it grants us access to an interesting world of diverse tonal emotions. If you're curious about what songs utilize this chord, check out the Uberchord - a treasure chest brimming with songs in the key of DM. Additionally, to broaden your horizons, why not delve into some different chord progressions? This handy quick lookup guide for guitarists will open your eyes to the myriad of possibilities in the key of DM. In this fascinating maze of composition, popular songs are not always the most rewarding. Titles like 'Black Magic Woman' challenge your skills, offering both rhythm and lead sections that are as engaging to play as they are to listen to.

Have you ever wondered what might make a good song to learn on the guitar? Often, we gravitate toward songs that we personally enjoy, but there's a whole lot more to consider. Let's take, for instance, learning songs that don't initially catch our ear but are enjoyable to play. It's amazing how our appreciation can grow through the process of learning and mastering such songs. Take Cadd9 and Em9 chords; they're incredible for playing bright sounding tunes. You can hear them accentuated beautifully in songs like "Patience" by Guns and Roses and in the masterful composition of "The Boy" from The Smashing Pumpkins. While mainstream tracks do provide some insight into techniques, they're not always the path to complex progressions or original rhythms. Try exploring songs in different keys, and venture out to use diverse chords like the ones mentioned. It offers a chance to advance your skills beyond the constraints of popular music. Remember, what might seem uninteresting to the listener might be a gold mine for the player, and vice versa. Finally, looking for a versatile song to master? Try "Black Magic Woman"; it's perfect with its intricate blend of strumming, solos, and captivating riffs.

As a guitar player, my learning journey has often been enhanced by choosing cover versions of songs that offer a different interpretation to the original. For instance, I remember selecting the cover rendition of the song 'Patience'. The core reason was the absence of an overpowering 80's production style which struck out to me as someone who can appreciate more subtle soundscapes. Learning from covers can provide us with deeper insights into a song's structure, such as the underlying chords and unique strumming patterns. This cover version of 'Patience' not only introduced me to a detailed pattern of chords but also allowed me to practice a slow, expressive style of singing while playing. This process made the song more relatable and interesting to play. The beauty of covers is, they simplify the song, stripping it back to its core elements, making it more attainable for amateurs yet enjoyable for professionals as well. There is a certain joy in selecting songs like 'Black Magic Woman,’ packed with rhythm and various chord complexities that can truly enhance a guitarist's skills while offering room for detailed solos and riffs. These handpicked songs can shape your decision-making process, aiding you in understanding what unique sounds, keys, and chords resonate with you as a musician.

Unveiling a Surprisingly Engaging Song Easy to Learn on Guitar

Music is as diverse as the people who listen, interpret, and play it, and so the idea of what makes a great guitar song to play varies tremendously. Let me share with you something I've discovered in my musical journey. It's not just preference that holds sway in choosing what to play but also the hidden value in songs that we might not immediately appreciate. There is a prevalent debate on Reddit about the boredom of playing certain songs in a band, where even professional musicians chime in about how they really feel about learning and performing songs they initially didn’t like. However, what makes a song bland or exciting is not just the melody or rhythm, but also the complexity and originality in chord progression. A song that appeals to you is a good place to start, but bear in mind that the mainstream tunes we all adore may not be the best choice for your growth as a guitarist. So, why not take it up a notch? Explore songs in various keys, play around with different chords to step up your guitar skills. You might surprise yourself by finding new favorites among songs, like 'Black Magic Woman,' that offer a combination of strumming and detailed solos and riffs. So, here's my take: A great song to play is not just one that sounds good, but it pushes you and expands your grasp as a guitarist, resulting in the innate joy that comes with mastering a new piece.

What Kind of Song Makes for an Excellent Guitar Learning Experience?

In the quest for finding the perfect song to master on a guitar, it's important to consider a number of factors, such as the versatility of the song, its chord progressions, rhythm, and originality. After all, one may often get entranced by the popularity of a tune and not realize that it lacks in providing a comprehensive learning experience due to its repetitiveness and simplicity. So, while it's imperative to pick a song that resonates with you, don't hesitate to step out of your comfort zone and explore tunes in different keys, using a myriad of chords to enrich your skills on the guitar. This also adds an exciting element to the learning process, making it a thrilling voyage instead of a tedious chore. Whether you're an amateur or a professional, the goal is to find that fine balance between the song being engaging and a quality learning piece. In my conversation with accomplished guitarist Paul Wildman of Lockdown licks, he pointed out such a gem - 'Black Magic Woman'. It's a classic that not only offers room for enthusiastic strumming for a lively singalong session, but also dives into the intricacies of absorbing solos and bewitching riffs. He's even put up a delightful video on YouTube where he's skillfully demonstrated a solo in the style of Santana’s rendition of ‘Black Magic Woman’. His Facebook Page is also worth exploring for more musically enriching content. The joy is in the diversity and flexibility of this song, making it an ideal companion for your guitar-learning journey!

Paul has lot’s of licks and riffs on his channel.
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