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Home » Paul Wildman Lockdown Licks and Riffs Interview

Paul Wildman Lockdown Licks and Riffs Interview

Paul Wildman Lockdown Licks and Riffs Interview

Today we are interviewing Paul Wildman of Wild River Guitar-Lockdown licks a YouTube channel and Facebook page where he uploads well-known guitar licks and riffs. On his YouTube channel, you can find riffs like fade to black 2nd solo by Dire Straits and Stevie Ray Blues riffs he also has his own original Lockdown Licks and Riffs.

Hello Paul Great to have you on Guitardoor, When I looked at your profile I noticed that you give good descriptions that can help people learn what you are playing so are you a musician or guitar teacher?

You’re welcome, Chris! Yes as Lockdown Licks has been a fun, free-to-all guitar project I hope people will pick up a few hints, softly tuition I think. As a musician, Nearly all of the riff/solos in the LL videos are favorites that appeal to me musically. I did some training to teach guitar about 15 years ago and taught some beginners for pay. Didn’t really enjoy it so guess I’m a musician?!

How do you Play the Riff to Ace of Spades on Guitar and which equipment are you using?

Ah, ‘Lockdown Licks 166.” “Ace of Spades” by Motorhead. Signature riff played a number of times, double string bend riff, and ending chord riff. I played in ‘drop E flat’-just E string tuned to Eb. This allows an open E string to be used. Played on an a*Gibson Junior through a NUX M8 amp set to ‘metal’. The P90 pick-up on the guitar screams with metal! It’s important to keep your picking hand moving smoothly. Make sure to know the double string bend riff till you can play it perfectly each time. With the chord riff ensuring good timing and separation using fret hand damping is important. A Junior is a powerful guitar, favorite of mine.

I like the sounds of your composition do you plan to make it into a single anytime soon?

if you’re referring to “War Is The Devil’s Hand” thanks, Chris!👍 I was really testing how heavy the HB35+ guitar goes for me!😊 What do you like about it? I’m always open to feedback! Yes, I am looking to collaborate with some guys I know, a singer and guitar player on that song. I have some lyrics which are coming along. I think the title speaks for itself with the current dreadful wars in Europe and beyond. So watch the charts !!

You are not just a rocker I see you also play jazz and blues have you any favorite guitarists in the genre?

I have become interested in jazz guitar playing and some players recently… have also played a few riffs and solos on vids eg Fade to Black, Take Five, and a few more. Players I like? Could keep going all afternoon😊 Jazzers Charlie Christian, Joe Pass, blues BB King, Ed King, Steve Gaines, Geoff Skunk Baxter, Mark Knopfler, Keef n Ronnie n Mick Taylor Brian Jones, JJ Cale, Jerry Reed, Chet Atkins, and on lol…..stopping now!

Lockdown lick #200+

lockdown licks and riffs
Paul Wildman of Lockdown Licks getting ready to make more great lockdown licks and riffs

We thank Paul Wildman for taking his time for this guitardoor interview and we hope to see Paul continue to upload more licks and riffs in the next few months we look forward to what is the next step with “War Is The Devil’s Hand” and his 200th+ lick which is Soul Limbo a tune by Booker T well know to cricket fans as it’s the theme tune for BBC Cricket in a rock style with the iconic baseline on loop and the riff played over it on the video where he might even wear a cricket hat. We will keep you updated here and don’t forget to visit Paul Wildman’s YouTube channel and Popular Facebook Channel with Videos of Licks and Riffs in the meantime check out his lockdown licks playlist on YouTube.

9 thoughts on “Paul Wildman Lockdown Licks and Riffs Interview”

  1. Hello there,

    Really like Paul’s Lockdown Licks, wich I found out about on facebook.
    His choices of songs had me recover songs I liked in the past. You mostly see guys with tons of expensive guitar and amps but Paul’s set up seems simple so encouraging!
    Nice article, tnanks.
    Regards, Albert

    1. Thanks so much, I’m glad you enjoy LLs. You are right in thinking you don’t need lots of equipment to make music. Sometimes too much tech etc can get in the way!

  2. Hi Paul,
    I really appreciate your licks over the whole time. I’m just a guitar beginner but i have learned many things while i’m studying your licks. Please go on and share everything with us.

    Many thanks for the nice time in this bad situation…

    1. That’s some really lovely comments Jürgen and yes the playing was started during the first lockdown.
      I am so pleased improving players such as you are picking up their guitars to learn Lockdown Iicks!
      Keep up the playing man!

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