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The Abundant Stratocaster Collection of Music Icon Tom Petty

Tom Petty Great Guitar Choices

Great guitar choices are sometimes learned from bad guitar choices. When it comes to picking out a guitar we don’t always have Tom Petty’s budget. When he was alive Petty liked to have many Guitars as Tom Petty’s net worth $95 million when he passed away on October 2nd 2017. Tom could have them if he wanted.Tom himself preferred acoustic guitars but collection of Tom Petty guitars owned also included a massive range of great electric guitars which he shared with Mike Campbell from time to time.

Rickenbacker of Tom Petty Guitarist Who Plays A Fireglow

Tom Petty's collection of guitars has long been revered among musicians and collectors alike, reflecting both the aesthetics of the industry and the tangible compositions of this iconic artist. Among these cherished instruments stands the remarkable Rickenbacker fireglo 660/12. This gem, used extensively on beloved albums like 'Damm the Torpedos', became a signature part of Petty's sound palette. Garnering enough prominence to earn a well-deserved 9.2 score on Pitchfork, this guitar has a distinct timbre that expands on audio narratives with charming harmonics and gentle string detentions. Impeccably maintained, Petty's Rickenbacker, like so many guitars in his collection, met his demanding standards of playability. To delve deeper into these technicalities, Mike Campbell, a dedicated bandmate of Petty's, offers enlightening insights in an informative YouTube video. Campbell discusses this defining Rickenbacker, echoing the guitar's authentic voice in stories of it being second off the production line after George Harrison's Rickenbacker. A song from the 'Damm the Torpedos' album, played on this Rickenbacker, encapsulates the flavor and feel of Petty's unique usage. The legacy of Tom Petty's collection, including this treasured Rickenbacker, serves as a testament to his influence and his departure from us, leaving a soulful echo in the music world.

What are you Doing in my Life? Tom Petty Guitars Played

Telecasters Of Tom Petty Guitars Used In Concert and Recording

Like many players of guitar tom petty guitarist loved his Telecasters and Tom owned a sonic blue ’63 Fender Telecaster which he plays on the Superbowl halftime show in 2008.Although the Rock and Roll hall of Fame his 1964 Rickenbacker guitar and Suit from the show for display. Toms Main Telecaster was custom built by famed guitar craftsman Toru Nitono he gave him his custom design in 1981 and asked him to take it home and see what he thinks Tom said in the May 1999 issue of Guitar Magazine where both Tom and Mike Campbell feature on the Cover in an Interview.

Which explains the origin of Fender Telecasters being called “Torucasters” you can hear them distinctly on the songs in the video footage of the Superbowl show for “Free Fallin” and “Running down a Dream” as he used the guitar on the halftime show in 2008 as you can see in the Video at 5.54 and 9.19.

The Tom Petty Torucaster is a signature electric guitar model designed by Tom Petty and Mike Campbell of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. It is a modified version of a Fender Telecaster, featuring a humbucking pickup in the bridge position and a single-coil pickup in the neck position. The guitar also has a unique “petty blue” finish and a custom pickguard with a silhouette of Florida. The Torucaster was used extensively by Petty and Campbell throughout their careers and has become a sought-after collector’s item among guitar enthusiasts.

We are also have a video looking at some pacific techniques that Tom used playing the Telecaster/Torucaster if you want to capture that style on guitar have a watch and listen.

Tom Petty Guitarist With Many Stratocasters

In the ranks of guitar greats, alongside luminaries such as Jimmy Page and Eric Clapton, it is hard not to mention the revered and cherished legacy of Tom Petty. The multimillionaire musician, known for his heartbreakingly beautiful melodies, not only had a profound influence through his music but also left an extraordinary mark with his precious guitar collection. The late musician, undoubtedly one of the white ’62 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster, sported a penchant for Stratocasters during his illustrious career while touring and recording. In the impressive litany of his prized guitars, he owned a sunburst ’64 Fender Stratocaster and '63 Stratocaster in addition to the white '62. His devotion to this line of guitars shone brightly in his first albums with the Heartbreakers, where he deftly used his Stratocasters to craft magnificent blues tones; a testament to their status as iconic blues guitars. Even after his demise, the legacy of Tom's prowess with the Stratocaster continues to resonate in the industry, you can see Normans rare guitars providing a detailed insight into the varies Stratocaster models used by Tom Petty in a heartfelt tribute video. While they do not exhaust the extensive list of his collection, these Stratocasters indeed stood out, marking their pivotal role in the formation of his legendary oeuvre.

The 1965 Gibson SG Used By Tom Petty

When it comes to great guitar choices a 65 Gibson is not for everyone’s budget. Pettys own 65 Gibson SG was expected to fetch around $300,000 at auction back in 2018 but it was not sold however.Tom Petty Guitars that did sell was a Played and Signed 1963 White Gibson SG Junior Electric Guitar sold for $17,500.00 on Heritage auctions. Here is a more detailed video by again Normans Rare Guitars about the 1965 Gibson SG of Tom Petty

Which great guitar choices would you have made from Tom Petty’s guitar collection and why?

As I have not gone into great detail about the guitars of Tom petty maybe you would like to express your opinion in the comments below. Which of these guitars would you make one of your great guitar choices if you had a big guitar budget.

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