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Wild River Guitar Licks To Learn and Love

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Paul Wildman from Wild River Guitar is back for another Guitardoor interview and this time we’re talking about the new playlists on his YouTube channel, the growth of the channel, and some of his favorite guitars to play and he has played over the years.

Wild River Guitar is a channel that ranges from classic rock riffs to soothing melodies and ballad-style solos, with some blues and jazzy styles in between. It’s a great resource for guitar players of all levels, and Paul’s passion for music and teaching is evident in every video.

In the interview, Paul talks about the new playlists he’s added to the channel, which include a playlist of licks to learn in 5 minutes or less, a playlist of blues licks, and a playlist of jazzy licks. He also talks about the growth of the channel and how he’s been able to reach a wider audience with his videos.

Paul also shares some of his favorite guitars to play and has played over the years. He talks about his love of his Gibson Junior, Telecaster, MIJ Stratocaster with Kahler Spyder bridge, Harley Benton HB35+ semi-acoustic, and Harley Benton SC500 LP vintage style.

If you’re a guitar player, I highly recommend checking out the Wild River Guitar YouTube channel. Paul’s videos are informative and enjoyable to watch, and he’s a great teacher who is passionate about helping guitar players improve their skills. Both on YouTube and his Facebook Page for Wild River Guitar

Hello Paul and welcome back to another Guitardoor interview how is the channel doing since we last spoke?

Hi Chris, it’s going well on both Facebook & the YouTube channel.

How did you get the time and the inspiration for all those videos you created for “Wild River Guitar” and is it true that a single Post gave you the inspiration for a whole YouTube channel with a Few hundred videos?

It’s hard to believe what I thought in early 2020 be 10 videos posted to friends, has evolved from a FB page post which had 10 views into a page of over 380 Lockdown licks. From this, the ‘Wild River Guitar Channel’ on YouTube was started and videos have been viewed by 100s of thousands of people worldwide, with many likes & loves♥️.

Wild River Guitar Lockdown Licks Youtube
Paul Wildman With His Guitar and Nux Amp

Without thinking too much about it What is one thing you like about having a channel like “WRG” and creating content for it?

I would have to say Playing “isolated” riffs and solos is enjoyable. You get to hear the tone of guitars without other distractions. I have also recorded LL solos & riffs with a looper & drums/bass accompaniment.

You have quite a few guitars What is your currently most used Guitar and why does it suit the style you are playing at the moment

I recently received a Harley Benton SC500
I’ve been playing it for Lockdown Licks. Being a Les Paul style it is at home playing heavy rock right through to blues riffs. I’ve played several… Thin Lizzy/Toto/Marc Bolan
Played a couple of riffs from films too coming soon as Lockdown Licks on Wild River Guitar!

So how are your videos doing on Facebook I see you are using Playlists Do you find them useful for helping viewers find more of your Content?

The YT channel and page have had over 1.5 million views & counting. The YT playlists featuring the different guitars & artists I play have proved popular. Currently, I am making a playlist of songs featuring one of my favorite guitars you may be familiar with it is an HB35+ I also have a review of the guitar which I posted a while back on Facebook which you can see in the Video Below.

Can you tell us more about your Telecaster and what you enjoy playing most on it or which songs you feel suit you best?

I enjoy playing this 2019 Butterscotch Telecaster with string through body which adds to the tone. I also appreciate the super smooth untreated slim profile maple neck. It is great for country rock style and blues and you can also rock out heavier on it using the neck pickup. Most styles are playable, “Versatile” is a Telecaster middle name. I have a playlist of Song riffs I’ve enjoyed on the Telecaster The Telecaster Playlist has expanded to over 110 videos! It’s hard to pick but here are a few I enjoyed “The Last Time” -by the Stones “Is This Love” Marley’s “Operator” Jim Croce’s “Careless Whisper” G Michael and the Status Quo & Stones open G riffs are fun.

How long have you had your Strat and What Strings do you like to use on it?

My Strat..🤔1992 bought from a little guitar shop on Shaftesbury Ave. London guitar shops are everywhere! MIJ Strats had no reputation back then… I traded a TS808 pedal, plus £40 and it was mine!🤔 I like 10s on it. I learned on 10 gauge but also enjoy 09s on other guitars. I also play Slide on it so I feel a thicker slide note tone from 10 gauge.

You have a custom range of guitar picks can you tell us more about them and where people can get one of your custom picks?

The “Lockdown Licks Guitar Pick”.
The custom picks seen in the videos have been made in my choice of white 0.9mm pearlescent celluloid with Lockdown Licks “retro photo logo” design on one side.
Celluloid’s flexibility and durability with both bright and warm tones possible on striking the strings, make it a perfect material for guitar picks. The pearl pattern design emulates the original tortoise shell picks. If you are interested in getting your own Lockdown Licks Pick just send me a message via my page titled “Lockdown Licks Pick’

Guitar Picks by Lockdown Licks
Pauls Customised Guitar Pick With His Telecaster

You are also a big Fan of the Guitarist from Queen Brian May What are some of his tunes you like to play most?

Oh yes, I love Queen, and Brian’s play is brilliant. I have enjoyed playing all of the riffs/solos for “Don’t Stop Me Now” “We Will Rock You”, “Now I’m Here”, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Playing some of these is tricky in itself. I’d say writing these riffs & solos was pure genius from Brian!

We love the Lynyrd Skynyrd riff Gimmie 3 Steps can you please tell us anything that can help get that sound on guitar or the equipment you are using? 

Thanks for the kind compliment.

I have always enjoyed Lynyrd Skynyrd’s guitar playing. I think the key to the sound/tone on this riff is the two & three-string chords & ‘country’ bend riffs. They need to be played tight, with good damping on strings not played. 

A Gibson-style guitar can give that “growly” country rock sound, from the P90 pickup of the Junior guitar. Using the NUX M8s “modeled” ‘tube screamer’ type overdrive with gain backed off to about 5 sounds good giving that classic rock, authentic tone. A tweak up on the bass/mid on eq gives it strength & depth.

I saw you playing a song or two from Kansas, they are a great band what is your favorite song of theirs to play and why? 

Carry On Wayward Son is a firm favorite, such a classic song with a brilliant heavy rock element, contrasted with brilliant vocals/harmonies. Which aspiring heavy distortion players wouldn’t want to play those awesome heavy rock chords & lead run right?

Besides guitar playing/teaching what hobbies do you enjoy?

I like watching village cricket & country walking with my good lady. Sometimes just some peace and relaxation is perfect.

What do we Expect in the Future from “Wild River Guitar”

New riffs will include some film & TV film riffs following on from the popular Starsky & Hutch & western movie riffs in previous lockdown licks.

We wish to Thank Paul for the Interview and wish him every success with building his following on Facebook and Subscribers on YouTube if you want to check out more from Wild River Guitar Lockdown Licks Here are some more videos of Paul Wildman of Wild River Guitar for you to enjoy on YouTube and don’t forget to subscribe to help support Paul’s guitar journey and share this interview with your friends to support independent guitarists.

Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades” riff by WILD RIVER GUITAR ‘LOCKDOWN LICKS’ & SOLOS

‘Lockdown Licks Original’ Tres Amigos by WILD RIVER GUITAR ‘LOCKDOWN LICKS’ & SOLOS

From Paul’s Songwriting days in the 1990s Restless Hearts & Take Back rough demo recordings. by WILD RIVER GUITAR ‘LOCKDOWN LICKS’ & SOLOS 🎸

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