Born in the rustic town of Ozark, Arkansas in 1939, Roy Buchanan stamped his authority on the world as an extraordinary musician, a virtuoso of the six-string. His distinctive style of playing the guitar, using both his thumb and fingers, stamped him out as a maverick in a league of his own. His image, often seen smoking a cigar while weaving spells of melody on stage, became an unforgettable symbol of his persona. Buchanan was versatile, playing genres like Country and Blues with equal competence. He was a pioneer, employing techniques that predated effect pedals and sonic boxes, thus laying the groundwork for future artists in the 1950s.He worked in collaboration with various bands and musicians, earning not just their admiration but the respect of the music world for his technical mastery and musical sensitivity. Despite his fame and talent, Buchanan preferred the intimacy of smaller venues over the glitz of stardom. His discography includes 11 studio and 12 live albums - the testimony to his musical prowess.Buchanan's life was not without its trials. He battled personal issues, including substance misuse which cast a shadow over his brilliant career. His death in 1988, allegedly in police custody, was officially ruled a suicide. However, some claim that he was inadvertently killed by the very people supposed to protect him - speculation supported by physical evidence. Despite the mystery shrouding his death, his immeasurable contribution to the guitar leaves an undying legacy. His loss still echoes in the world of music, marking the end of an important era but ensuring his iconic status as a legend of guitar.