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Rory Gallagher is said to be one of the greatest guitarists along with Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix. Either way, he was the best fender bluesman for many guitarists and music fans. We also feature 3 Of The Best of Rory Gallagher’s Videos on YouTube in this Article for visitors who just want to listen to Rory Gallagher’s best while reading the article.

Rory Gallagher achieved something that is very rare so that’s why we are calling him the best fender bluesman. He found a style that was his and only his. He sounded like no one else but stood right alongside all the greats in the styles of music he chose. Secondly, when the man hit the stage you needed a fire extinguisher, literally. That worn Strat and a Fender Bassman dimed full tilt even Billy Gibbons will attest to the Tubes would catch the amp on fire mid-set. The Guitarist was on fire at all times.

 Rory Gallagher Best Fender Bluesman?

That iconic Fender Stratocaster was The First one to land In Ireland. It has the same sort of second-hand story as Many such as Stevie Ray Vaughan’s. (SRV’s was originally owned by soft rock artist Christopher Cross of “Sailing” fame) Rory’s was Previously owned by Jim Conlon of the Royal Showband and was seen in a shop priced at 100 pounds. This was an astounding amount of money for those of meager means but nonetheless, Rory’s signed and used his New and constant companion to make the payments by The Fontana show Band. Showbands were the main entertainment in Ireland and other countries not so much favored by some of the musicians who signed on as they worked themselves half to death playing Music they didn’t particularly like, but for a young man, it gave experience, credibility, and paid the bills. One of his country Men wrote the avant-garde ode to this, Mr. Brush Shields “Unco Up Show Band Blues “ in the First Band “Skid Row” Which also saw membership of Gary Moore and Phil Lynott late 1960s and on. Rory Grew Tired of all this Showband Biz killing his interest.

Becoming the best fender bluesman

After many changes through other Show Bands, He formed the band “Taste” and went through growing pains through 1968 and line-up changes. After the unit was solidified they set to work In London and success did not take long. By 1969 their second album “On the Boards ” was released and followed by His First “Taste” of America touring with Blind Faith. As Much as the first 2 albums were climbing in Popularity and making financial success, the finance was not coming back to the band. Rory was Album minded, hated the concept of commercial singles and when defied by management and a single was released by the company Taste had the opportunity to play the Isle of Wight Festival in 1970. This Performance Thankfully is documented and commercially available and by all accounts, Taste and the Upstart band called Free Owned the Audience that weekend. What no one in the massive Crowd knew was before they went out to perform the Band met and agreed to go out and enjoy themselves for this was to be their Last show Ever.

1971 Brought the World Rory Gallagher as a Frontman by his own name. That year while Touring Like was mad he released his first 2 albums. The Mark of a Determined man.  Each Album increasingly showed his talents and he never put himself in a box or placed any limits making him the best fender bluesman.

3 Of The Best of Rory Gallagher on youtube 1 In The Cork Opera House Ireland

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He was the common man, soft-spoken, and liked a simple life. He was a Blues Rock Star by the mid-’70s but he retained his humility and average man personality that walked the streets and would speak and spend time with someone when recognized. However, he always stood firm on what he wanted and how to get it. When Mick Taylor quit The Rolling Stones Rory was asked to spend some time in Munich while the band considered guitarists.

By all accounts, some incredible music was played and much fun had but inwardly The Stones and Rory instinctively knew He was his own man as a writer, player, and Singer. He was a Leader, not a sideman unless it was a one-off collaboration. 

Rory much as I have spoken about the Diversity of Bands like The Grateful Dead had his diversity with a different twist. Be it Acoustic Guitar, National Steel slide, Mandolin, or even an electric sitar all was fair game. In the band Taste, he had on occasion switched from Guitar to Saxophone mid-song.

He was a Musician, Boundless. He just was Identified as a Guitarist as he played it more and he played it well being voted at top of “Best Guitarist “Polls. He didn’t care, He was appreciative but his world was not Competition for the best fender bluesman.

The Joys found in Collaboration with other artists were due to his Reputation as a Player and one easy-going complimentary personality.  Jerry Lee Lewis,  Albert King, and The Godfather Muddy Waters Don’t happen to just anyone. Later works with Phil Lynott were more than once and each time an amazing contribution to the history of music.

Now we must remember that that Old guitar was being used the same as every word written here. That Fender Strat was in pretty clean shape when he bought it. As The years went by it was beginning to look like it could have been set on fire and dragged behind an Irish Made Ford Truck driven by the Devil himself.

For one it was played Hard and secondarily Rory had an especially rare high acidic content in his Sweat which would eat away the Paint and rust the hardware.

If by chance you don’t already know most quality guitars, Certainly Fender finishes their instruments much like a Car Paint and seal Job. Layers are involved Many Layers.

I have stripped and sanded by hand many a guitar in my time so I am always mindful of just how much use it takes to make guitar wear in that Manner. Later inspiring the current trend of “Relic” guitars which I hope personally go away as fast as Disco music died, Guitars played by the Rory’s the Stevie Ray’s, and the Mick Pini Passion players are evidence of TRUTH.

Name a Big Rock Band Rory probably toured with them or opened a show or two. He Kept up with the Best of them all. Sometimes he was an opening act and would play such a Devastating set the crowd no longer was so enthused with the Headliner.

Ed Christman fondly tells of the time Rory opened for Aerosmith in New York’s Central Park and converted 75% of that audience to the point when Aerosmith played, Even giving a Great show in their own right bottles were Hurled and Chants of “RORY” were heard in between the first handful of breaks between songs. He just did what he did so well with no pretense.

11 Studio albums, 6 live albums, numerous compilations, and the aforementioned Collaboration recordings….and I have yet to have ever heard a bad song. He was a brilliant songwriter, which is overlooked to a degree. 

3 Of The Best of Rory Gallagher on YouTube 2: Bad Penny At Rockpalast 1982

I have my Faves as I’m sure you do too, and If you by chance are just hearing about him from this article, it won’t take you long to have your own. He was a Bluesman but he was Rock music in the same breath. “Tattoo’d Lady” Bad Penny” “A Million Miles away” “Walking on Hot Coals” “Cradle Rock” “Moonchild” it could go on with all of the work of the best fender bluesman. 

3 Of The Best of Rory Gallagher on YouTube 2 Cradle Rock In Madrid 1975

My high schoolmate turned me onto Rory in the early 1990s via the Irish Tour 74 cd. I later found the film of the same. Rory was Fearless doing that tour to play to his country…with the IRA bombings and political upheaval he was Truly walking into war zones to provide a few hours per night the chance to forget all that for the crowd.

Even as His Health was in decline He still worked hard. There is a good amount of footage available from different stages and times of his career. The 2 concerts of different time periods available on the “Live at Montreux ” are striking.

There is on the Latter of the two a performance from 1994 of “I could have had religion” That alone condenses every great aspect of Mr. Gallagher.

Rory began to fail in health from not only just the sheer workload he demanded of himself but he had developed a fear of flying, yet HAD to do it to continue his career.

Enter Tranquilizers. He also was a Drinking man and the two together created serious danger, yet he played on despite being hospitalized 3 weeks here and a few days there.

Steroids were introduced as well which became a cocktail of wreckage Physically. True to form the music didn’t suffer. He played so well if he was well enough to Tread the Boards each time.

 Rory Gallagher Best Fender Bluesman?
The Golden Strat

A tour of Holland finally brought the Bad Health to the Helm. Rory contracted Pneumonia and the tour was canceled and he retreated to his apartment. His brother visited realizing the shape had declined further. He convinced Rory to enter the Hospital but the damage was done. Additionally, he contracted a virus that turned antibiotic-resistant.  On June 14th, 1995 Rory Gallagher left us with his legacy of being the best fender bluesman. 

He lived the Bluesman’s Life and paid that inevitable price. The Reasons for his passing were simple naivety. It was Due to the same Childlike unassuming personality he was admired for. No Lesser a Man for it.

We have his Musical Testimony. His spirit lies in the grooves of the vinyl. His Soul was given out when he performed and it has been captured. Rare is a man who can move you via Archives alone but he was one. I can’t imagine what it was like in person.

If you are of the old school I hope you enjoyed this article and it brought great memories, share yours with us here at guitardoor. If you are new to Rory Gallagher well delve in, you may find so many gifts you may think it’s a Blessing. Well, that’s because it is. 

Now that we have featured Three Legends with Legendary Truly road and work-worn Stratocasters, If you have one yourself please share it with us here as well.

Oh, we know they can sing, but if those old guitars could talk the stories they could tell how they remember being strummed and picked by the best fender bluesman of all time Rory Gallagher Rip+++.

By Jimmy Flemming

Jimmy Fleming is a Dystonia advocate and Guitarist from Ohio. He authored and co wrote interviews on over 100 articles about guitar and bands on Guitardoor Listen to his latest music and full biography on his website.

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  1. What a great article about the genius that is Rory Gallagher everything you have written is spot on I have all his albums but also was able to see him play live on numerous occasions
    His early demise was a tragedy but his legacy lives on indeed he is more popular than ever with the young generation loving him
    The Rory Gallagher festival held in his birthplace Ballyshannon is testament to this with fans of all age and from all over the world rocking up for 4 days to pay tribute to the great man
    May it long continue

    1. Thanks Tony, Yeah I would love to get to Ballyshannon it’s supposed to be a great event.I might head to the guitar shop in Cork soon when we can travel easily on the train.

  2. Fantastic article really enjoyed reading it. He was truly a remarkable man and very humble as well. Love his music and have no doubt it will live long after me as it should. Just wish I had been lucky enough to meet him myself

      1. Probably the Joint in The Woods Parsippany NJ. 1974. That was the 1st show of his I saw. Then the Bottom Line NYC, Then the Show Place Dover NJ Both 1976. Then the Bottom line NYC 1978 and 79. Then Alexanders in Browns Mills NJ where I got back stage and he signed a Top Priority poster for me that I Bought from the barmaid for a dollar. That was Nov 1979. Then at My Fathers Place in Long Island NY in 1982.Then in Brooklyn NY at a club called Lamour in 1985. And The Lone star club in NYC in 85 as well. And the last in 1991 at the Club Bene in Sayerville Nj.

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