Music Sharing Sites Where To Start Sharing Music

With so many music share sites and platforms for musicians to promote music free using music sharing sites can get complex for the artist and listener. In a previous post, we wrote about the main music share sites and a rundown on Bandcamp vs Spotify.

Choosing which Music sharing sites to upload music.

While there are many artists’ stories of making it big on Spotify playlists and being a big hit on Youtube Music for the masses this is not always the case and many talented artists get buried in these music discovery platforms quickly. This is because the sites will always push mainstream material on people who are listening to independent music as the sites tend to push these tracks and they are in the same bed as the record labels. So you need to play them at their own game and try to get on sites that promote more independent music so you have a better chance of your music being heard and hopefully bought and even get a few gigs and tours from it. But sometimes its a case of if you can’t beat them join them so unless you want to develop and promote your own site and go through the painstaking task of SEO optimization which is much based on trust factors and domain authority, Which you cant build without lots of inbound links and lots of content and positive brand awareness.

So most artists will upload their music to sites like Spotify, Bandcamp, and Youtube Music. There are some online services that will do all this for you and create the accounts where needed and give you a discounted rate but that also means earning less per play. Whatever you choose the next step is to get your music heard outside of those sites. And you also have to ask the question “Is the music artist platform Paid or Free” you can’t be paying $16 a month for a service that only brings in $1as you probably need that money for guitar strings and gear.

What to do after your music upload to get listeners?

Finding the best websites for music for you and your Audience is one task but you will be quickly buried on the homepages of these sites. Obviously, you can share your music tracks on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram yourself but you will need to think out of the box for alternative ways to reach new listeners and get others to share your music. One way is to have a playable widget on your own site it does not have to be on the homepage as this will slow down your site and make it unresponsive just put it somewhere that people can click on it to play your music somewhere prominent on your sites like in the sidebar or main menu as a link. But this is not going to be enough for many musicians as most musician sites get very little traffic. So you have to move on to the next step to attract more listeners.

Using Free Music promotion sites

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