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Enigmatico guitar Mission Mexico Orphanage

Forget going loco in Acapulco with its D-G-Em-A progression. It’s time to get a new Mexican place name in your head and that place is Anarchapulco according to our old friend Rob Mills a.k.a Enigmatico. Anarchapulco is the place to be and this is Arnachapulco’s new Anthem have a listen to its sweet summery guitar sounds and check out our second Guitardoor interview below with Rob Mills, who previously gave us some lessons from the diamond mine a few months ago. We were talking to Rob about his current mission Mexico orphanage fundraiser and how he is using one of his songs to help raise funds for the orphanage and he also teaches the gift of guitar to these wonderful kids.

So Enigmatico/Rob What Made you decide on fundraising in the first place as a musician?

I think fundraising through music is a great way to inspire people to donate the music sets a tone for the vibe of the fundraiser and with the right promotion can do great things! That’s why when I made the association with Dollar Vigilante and I saw he was trying to help the orphanage, I thought it would be a great way to raise money as he has a pretty big fanbase!

So Rob will you be doing any recording or gigs soon?

I’m currently traveling through Mexico for the past 18 months, I am teaching guitar online, doing a few gigs wherever I go and I also have been writing a putting out songs! My song Mexico came out last September and that was my in with Jeff Berwick of Dollar Vigilante who runs the festival Anarchapulco. I subsequently recorded another song and music video called Pirate train, about crypto, and my latest song Anarchapulco the place to be is a direct result of attending that festival at the beginning of this year!

Where to find out more about the Enigmatico fundraiser for the Mexican Orphanage

My YouTube channel Enigmatico has regular uploads about the fundraiser. Once the song comes out with the official music video we will have the links for people to buy the song and the proceeds will go to “Marsh children’s home in Bonfil, Acapulco!”. Before then the song can be purchased through Bandcamp also through this link-

How do you enjoy teaching guitar online and offline?

These days I’m traveling as a digital nomad, teaching guitar online with my website rockstar guitar school . On the website, you can get rockstar guitar lessons online. It’s pretty amazing to know I can go anywhere in the world with a good wifi connection, which most places have. So I can teach tomorrow’s generation of upcoming rockstars, or even people that started later in life that just want to enjoy the rewarding, therapeutic experience of learning this amazing instrument!

How long were you living in Mexico before you wrote the song it or any story behind it?

I had just gotten to Mexico and only been here a matter of days in Puerto Vallarta, when I wrote my song Mexico!. Then I was in my AirBnb just strumming a few chords. I also had the underlying feeling of finally being in this amazing country, that I’d wanted to visit for so long!. I started singing the refrain Mexico! Mexico! A bit like New York New York I guess! it seemed to work nicely and I continued with the idea and got the verses down all in about a couple of hours! They say the best songs don’t take that long to write! haha 🙂

What next for Rob Mills and a little more about the fundraiser

I am currently in Morelia and will be off soon to record the music video for Anarchapulco the place to be. The festival organizers say if they like the song much they could well use it for the theme tune for next year’s festival! Will be great to get my music licensed!. The feedback from festival-goers so far is that I managed to capture the spirit of that festival Anarchapulco in a song! As for the future at some point, I hope to get back over to southeast Asia with Thailand and Bali calling me! I hear the gig scene in Bali is particularly good!

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Chris Dempsey

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