Brain Jones on Sitar

We Rolling Stones fans know Brian Jones was much more than the Teardrop Guitar player he was a Multi Instrumentalist and true “Wizard of Sound”. Today we feature tracks like lady jane, Paint it black, and more from the stones with and without Jones.

Brian Jones Guitarist and Wizard of Sound

He certainly was a widely renowned slide and solid Rhythm man. In the end result, He was much more than that. He initially wanted to Be a Blues Purist, and when he was pulled into new territory with the band’s second wave as a “Pop Group” He dealt with it by embracing other instruments. It’s Been debated that he loved pop music all along, as much as the debate on his manner of Death. In both cases, only the Truth knows. If he didn’t want to be a pop star, he certainly learned to live with it and then excelled at it.

There would have never been a Rolling Stones without him and they may have not become what they did in the 1960s era were it not for his contribution to the radio staples of that time. He provided color and external musical influence. He more often made good songs into great songs by adding the proper instruments of his intuition. 

Brian was a True musician who up to his last year alive contributed invaluable efforts to properly adorn what was placed before him.

Multi Instrumentalist The Sitar and Guitar 

“Paint it Black” was a make-or-break moment and I expect that not only his Multi Instrumentalist talents and the study of Sitar and Eastern Music were not just at the surface, the rhythm of the song most likely came from his mind as well. 

Rolling Stones – Paint It Black LIVE (1966)


“Lady Jane” 

The Dulcimer is the leading light of this beautiful piece. Many stories were told of the fact Brian could have never touched an instrument and within an hour have worked out what was needed. He was that sort of gifted person.

Rolling Stones – Lady Jane(1966)

“Flute, Horns, and Mellotron” 

The song “Citadel” from the much Maligned “Satanic Majesties Request” has always been a favorite. It’s a riff by Keith Richards calling in the song, and it would be a solid piece under any circumstance but it would be Brian Pushing it into Psychedelia. 2000 Light years is awash with Brian Jones sonic input as well.

The Rolling Stones – Citadel (Official Lyric Video)

The Rolling Stones – 2000 Light Years From Home (Official Lyric Video)

One must remember that “Let’s Spend the Night Together” was a piano piece by Jones before the later years where the Guitar took the role in most tours.

Other remarkable tracks were found on the Album’s “Aftermath” and “Between the Buttons”.

Of course, there are many more instances of his incredible talents. “Child of the Moon” the B side to Jumping Jack Flash is a beautiful work. Brian was also involved in the score for then Girlfriend Anita Pallenberg’s film “A Degree of Murder” in which Brian often played every instrument involved.  Sadly a Degree of Tragedies dogged Brian and after one too many drug convictions he could not tour the States and he was fired from the Group. He was not long to have future ambitions as Alexis Korner explains in the short doc below.

Brian Jones’ Music Plans After The Split With The Rolling Stones

Brian Jones’ Legacy extended outside the band when while in his travels recorded the Master Musicians of Joujouka and returned to the recording studio to edit and add bits of his mindset to present “The Pipes of Pan”. He was a pioneer in the realm of exploration.

Brian Jones – The Pipes Of Pan At Joujouka (FULL ALBUM)

July 3rd, 1969 he shed the Mortal Coil, and “The 27 Club”  reared its ugly head.

His short life was Hedonism and Musical Wizardry. The music owes him a tremendous debt.

The Original King of Pop had immense reservations about being that was more than a Pretty Face or a Naughty Boy. He was a driven force and lived for music.

As a Guitarist, I would suggest checking out the Stones’ live album “Got Live if you want it” 

His Guitar work is there and his Soul does reside within the grooves of the record. 

A friend often says “No Jones, No Stones”. He Laid the Bedrock for the greatest Rock n Roll Band in the world. He now sleeps in the stars.

By Jimmy Flemming

Jimmy Fleming is a Dystonia advocate and Guitarist from Ohio. He authored and co wrote interviews on over 100 articles about guitar and bands on Guitardoor Listen to his latest music and full biography on his website.

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