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Scorching Metal from Slovakia Thalarion

finding guitar phrases

We ran across a well-established Scorching Metal Band a short time back and I was pleased to be able to communicate with metal vocalist Petronela Hederova of Thalarion from her home of Bratislava, Slovakia.

Thalarion being a Scorching Metal Band she was at first wondering if it was a proper fit for Guitardoor, as with everyone I explained we don’t limit our interests and I was very interested in their music. But we told her we like everything louder when it comes to guitars so here is the Guitardoor interview with Thalarion.

I found that question and our subsequent brief discussions charming and considerate. There was a small delay as she was fielding interviews from France and other countries and was classy to keep me in the loop. Highly professional and just a pleasure to chat with. 

How did the band initially come together and How Long has it been together?

This is a long story, but when it comes to my arrival in the band Thalarion, it can be dated around the year 1998. At that time I was looking specifically for this type of band that would accept a female vocalist.

Juraj answered extremely fast – one day I wrote him a letter (emails were not that frequent back then) and on another day I found a response in my mailbox. It was a miracle since it usually takes several days for a post to deliver a letter.

Tell us about the current members and the New album

Current members are easy to remember – they are all either Peter or Juraj:) I am not joking: Peter Bartakovic, Juraj Grezdo, Juraj Schlosser, Peter Schlosser, Peter Dvorak and myself – Petronela Hederova (close to Peter).

There will be some changes and extra players for live shows. The  Album “Dying on the Scorched Plains” was released after the almost 2-decade break. It consists of an intro and 9 songs. They all can be found on Spotify and elsewhere.

Thalarion – Dead But Still In My Heart (official video)

You have certainly played some high-profile shows over the years. Any Particular highlights or stories from those experiences?

We played many gigs and some are hard to remember for me as I feel like having a memory blackout (it was so long ago that it feels like another life). I guess the best was big festivals in the Czech republic – Brutal Assault and Nuclear Storm. There are some live videos from events on YouTube. But of course, Also small club concerts had their specific charm

THALARION live at Brutal Assault 2002

Obviously, Covid has Created major issues but do you plan to tour behind the new record?

Yes indeed, we already have some plans for 2022. Let’s see how the situation will unfold. IT would be really great to show up at some festivals, too.

Your Passion for music is very apparent, what keeps you motivated?

Appreciation and positive feedback from the audience, and numbers on Spotify and YouTube. I am very angry at Youtube since they decreased views on our video (allegedly because of some algorithm). But seriously, guys are motivated by themselves. Our main music composer Peter Bartakovic is capable of big things, he can create an album in a week or so.

Dying on the Scorched Plains

Our guitarists also have their other music projects – Juraj Schlosser plays in Flashback to Future (along with Peter Dvorak) and Nailed Nazarene (with Juraj Grezdo). Peter Bartakovic is active in Constans Compromissum.

I am looking forward to Thalarion climbing Higher in the coming years. They certainly have all the qualities to achieve their wishes and dreams. They do stand out brightly from the pack. Intensely talented and ambitious they are going full steam ahead. We wish them all good things and continued success as a Force in Metal


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