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The Grit and The Glamor Joe Matera Guitardoor Interview

Grit and the glamour writer

If anyone knows Joe Matera knows about “grit and glamor” he has been playing the guitar since he was 15. He has an extensive discography from solo projects to his work with other artists. Joe has previously supported bands like the Bay City Rollers during two sell out concerts in Melbourne in 2017 and shared the stage with Canned heat and many more.

Matera also had his music featured in movies such as Ricky!- The Movie (2011). He is an author of many music journalism articles as a music journalist and has a published Autobiography “Backstage Pass: The Grit and the Glamour from Amazon”

Australia has provided the world with great music like Acdc, Midnight oil and Inxs do you feel these have influenced your music?

No. I’m more influenced by English bands and European bands since I was touring Europe every year and all my support base and fan base are Europe.

You have been called a premier shredder by Paul Southwell of Australian Guitar magazine. What song do you think he formed this around?

That article was based on my Terra Firma album in 2013 which was when that interview was done. Back then 100% of my music was instrumental rock as I had only released three vocal tunes at that time, so his impression was based on my instrumental guitar playing, though if you listen to songs like Fallen Angel (the guitar solo is particularly ‘shred’ like)…

Your Song “Take A Look” has a great bright sound on rhythm how did you get these sounds pedals, guitar, etc?

My guitar set-up is very simple, and I have hardly any pedals. It’s just knowing how to achieve it. Basically, that sound is just a Fender Fat Strat fitted with DiMarzio through Laney combo amp that’s miked up with a Rode condenser mic. The only pedals I used were a Boss OS-2 pedal and just for a subtle addition of gain/overdrive. I don’t like distortion much, I believe you can achieve a bigger sound by keeping your tone clean and slightly adding a little overdrive to give it some crunch.

Also Your Song Take a Look featuring Janne Schaffer got nominated for an OWMA award how did you feel about that?

I feel honored that one of my songs has been nominated for such an award and to have also a song that features Janne who played guitar on many of ABBA’s hits is also an honor.

What is your latest single/album and where can we hear it?

I have multiple new release, first up is my first ever book, Backstage Pass, see here for UK:

As for singles, my latest solo release is ‘Inside Looking Out’ which features Don Powell from SLADE on drums. My current single is a collab with The Korgis, called ‘Always A Sunny Day’. I have a new solo single coming on April 22, a re recorded and re-imagined 2022 version of one of my earlier hits Louder Than Words, which is a duet with a German singer/songwriter János R. Krusenbaum

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We would like to thank Joe for getting in touch with us and doing a guitardoor interview and wish him all the best with his new solo and band projects, the book grit and glamor and maybe even more music in the movies. If you would like to do a guitardoor interview about your guitar music and other projects just contact us on guitardoor.

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