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How Guitarists Can Get More Fans Using Guitardoor

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How do you get new fans with Guitardoor?

One of the biggest problems artists face is getting their music discovered. So just how do you do that? “How do you get new fans to hear your music.? It’s easy just do a guitardoor interview and include your music in it and we will share it on other online services for guitarists.

Sadly we don’t have a magic formula to get you 1000s of fans on sites like Spotify and Bandcamp. But we can raise awareness for your music and promote your youtube videos, Spotify playlists and Bandcamp embeds.

Guitardoor was Born of the black tree as the title of the song by Jimmy Fleming. Have a listen while you read the rest or consider buying the track on amazing radio you can also buy it from Jimmy Fleming Music on Bandzoogle.

One way to get new fans here on guitardoor by simply answering a few questions in a guitardoor interview. This is an example interview with an amazing innovator guitarist here on the site. We will then post it to the website and share it in on Facebook and other social networks. Sometimes you don’t even have to connect with us as we also follow you on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites also you just need to tell us where you are online.

Take this tune from a band that one of our featured guitarists Jimmy Owen plays guitar for “The Wolfmoon Band”. They are doing a launch of a single on March 5th and we are sharing it here on guitardoor because we connect with our featured artists. And will schedule some events for launches to be shared on our Facebook Page and Group.

Just Visit Contact Page or make a comment and consider sharing featured guitarists thanks here are some example questions you can answer the 3 guitarists questions it’s a no strings attached free promotion opportunity for guitarists of many levels just see our mission statement for more about us and other ideas to help you with a guitardoor interview.

  • Did you play Stairway in a Guitarshop?
  • How did you deal with being a great guitarist?
  • Alternate Tuning do you use it?

When you have answered your questions with an image 900×600 we will place your video or audio into the interview. You can also send your answers in the music promotion submission page. Any questions? comment below thanks.

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