Seamus o’Connor global flu and the lonesome highway

Seamus O’Connor is our featured guitarist today on guitardoor.

Seamus O’Connor is a singer-songwriter from Cork City Ireland. He goes under the name Seamus and the Prophets sings plays guitar and keyboards and today he is showcasing his latest musical works here on

What inspired you to enter the world of

When I was in my teens I was listening to the music of the time. I Saw Depeche mode then Big country listened to a lot of The Police but when I saw Simple minds in the city hall in Cork I was hooked after that I started looking for a band that was 1984

How long have you been a songwriter and vocalist?

I tried to write my first song at 13 I was in a buddy of mines bedroom a year later we were jamming His mother heard me singing and said she liked it gave me the encouragement to pursue music

Do you attribute your work to personal life experiences as far as subject matter?

Yes about 80 percent of it when I was younger It was harder to write lyrics I was more self-conscious now when I write lyrics I say what I feel and touch them up afterward

What would you ultimately like to achieve through your music?

To release singles which I am doing through Spotify and YouTube and do an album sometime this year and to do more live gigs since the restrictions are gone nothing like playing live

How did you find β€œYour Sound” and feel your true self in music?

 Seamus oConnor global flu and the lonesome highway

By going with the gut and my heart you can learn chords and listen to the people you follow your heroes and others and yes you need as many chords that you can learn. But in the end it’s primal you go with your gut to find your sound

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