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Hawkwind Epilogue I want to close the series in the thoughts about Hawkwind and Nick Turner have always had a running theme of Respect and adventure in the foundation of The Native American Culture of Shamanism and have been open to other beliefs in Other Cultures as well.

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Bridget as a performer

I firmly Believe it’s been a key point in many periods of time and was honored to hear from Bridget Wishart for this final section. I was curious about her reflections on working on the “Space Bandits” album where once again the sound was redefined yet the subject matter was of great importance. “I seem to remember Space Bandits was being recorded before I joined Hawkwind. I was still an art teacher and singer in a punk band. I would guess with Hawkwind when we played the same festivals, singing Back in the Box. I was given time off work by the headmaster to go into the studio. Rockfield was the first professional studio I worked in.

bridget wrote these lyrics

The lyrics for Images were derived from a song I had written a few years previously. They really suited the music and with some omissions and additions, fitted perfectly. I also added the spoken word part for the spacey section and the chorus. The chorus describes fragments of a crazy night at Stonehenge Festival.

The words to the chorus are often mistranslated. It’s actually; The singing hand The face of fate The shifting scenes I can’t explain The crazy fool Who screams his pain As he tries to cheat life’s final game. I also recorded harmonies for Alan’s song Wings and some spoken word for Black Elk Speaks. Those words I found in a book at a friend’s house on Shamen. They were written by a female shaman called Lalalawoodzembga (or something like that) I’d written them down as I thought they were amazing and they worked really well.

I remember listening back to Images in the studio on the huge speakers and being absolutely blown away by the sound of the song. I’ll never forget that!” As I personally am Part of Cherokee I’ve done a fair share of Studying Native History and have been in the crater where a meteor hit on the same grounds as The Great Serpent Mound in Southern Ohio. Six Eagles Circled overhead.

These are Gateways of magic, and purpose we may not immediately understand. Nik Turner has not only contributed to the music the thoughts and references, but he’s also done the travels of the world.

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Bridget with her flute

In Fact, he Attended the Summer Solstice At the Serpent mound years ago. He recently did a wonderful Re-release of “Xitintoday” based on his recording of Flute music of the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Be it Stonehenge, Sacred Native American Lands, or the Jungles of other distant areas and the Cultures and practices found there, The lives of these sonic explorers and Wisdom seekers have kept Mysticism and higher callings at the forefront of Music. Without the magic of life and the Mysteries of our purpose…..we have nothing. Well done all. Your life’s works have not been lost to us who hear you Loud and Clear.

By Jimmy Flemming

Jimmy Fleming is a Dystonia advocate and Guitarist from Ohio. He authored and co wrote interviews on over 100 articles about guitar and bands on Guitardoor Listen to his latest music and full biography on his website.

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