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News Is Boring So We Have This Instead

finding guitar phrases

A big thanks to all our readers and contributors over the past few months. The site has really started to grow. We have had a load of great artists featured here on the site which range from clean-cut blues to horror rock. Our friends of guitardoor member Richie dave porter is releasing a new single No Chains To Bind You in November but you can listen to it on Youtube. Speaking of listening we were recently featured on the Pete Feenstra show where I had a chat with Pete about the Site.

After being healed by born healers In the next few days, we are featuring an emerging guitarist who is burning brightly Erin Coburn and we are doing a piece on the many colors of the blues of Gary Moore in the next few days. If you have not checked out our Ax-wielding cop Ian Sloan or Rob Mills lessons from the diamond mine recently or what are now becoming guitardoor classics like the creator/innovator of the Modern Croatian blues guitarist Boris Zamba and Muddy Manninen. Have a look around the site for great guitar music you may have missed and we are continuously looking for artists to feature on our amazing radio playlist. So get in touch if you wish to feature your music on Don’t forget to like our page and become a member of our group for guitarists on Facebook.