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Kieran Mc Crory “Crow’s Blues”

Crow’s Blues

I’m surprised by the Inspiration one can receive from the Internet. It’s made the world a smaller and more connected creature of life. That can be a positive or a negative depending on who you are dealing with. Somewhere around 2013 if I’m not mistaken, I had a blessing I was introduced to Crow’s Blues.

I made one of the rarest of things, a TRUE friend.

Music brought Kieran and me together. I was watching him sitting in his kitchen in Omagh, Ireland playing a Hank William’s song on his acoustic. He had such a passionate and authentic delivery that I was truly intrigued. We have never gone much more than a few weeks talking since then. 

First it was about musical interests, of which we had many similarities . We discussed my Dystonia and he had a real interest, a genuine concern. Then we were talking about some issues with his health that in time became very serious. He never has lacked a firm Grip on the value of life and the Crow’s blues he plays sometimes shows his musical talent. 

Somewhere in the earliest times, I asked him if he wrote his own music and he sent me a song. I’m sharing that song with you today. He would in his humble way say he wasn’t that special. This would be wrong. 

ROCK N ROLL BY kmc 2012 Crow’s Blues Style

I was asked by him later if I would have a go at his music myself and I did. The end result was….His version was better, no matter what I did with it. He would probably argue the position, but we two mules are hard to move when we feel strongly on something.

During the years of our friendship he bought every single album or EP I released. I did sell recordings to many places on the globe and the list of countries I didn’t sell something in is a short list. Yet NO ONE bought them all. He has consistently supported my work, and in all truth when Regalia Records was no more and I finally found a new way to distribute  my songs I didn’t have them in digital form required at that moment. Kieran sent me all of my own music to help me rebuild. 

We are both afflicted with issues that robbed our personal abilities, but that’s not the worst thing in the world because it just make the bond of friendship stronger.

He had to find new outlets for his creative side through art and my affinity for that side is equal to my affinity to the music he created. So I am here to just say thank you there Crow.


Your friendship is of great value. Your authenticity and soul I found in your music carries over to your strength as a Human and YOU are a Warrior. As you would always say “One Love”. 


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