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Black Sabbath Wizard Beyond The B-Side of Paranoid

Editor's Note: Allow me to introduce you to "The Wizard," a little-known gem that's tucked away on the B-Side of Black Sabbath's “Paranoid” 7" single. Released under the Vertigo label with the catalog number 6059 010, this track is more than just a song; it's a testament to the band's pioneering influence in the world of heavy metal.

"The Wizard" is a rich tapestry of music where you can hear the subtle traces of blues-infused heaviness. Its guitar riffs, harmonica lead-ins and the hauntingly mystical lyrics are quintessentially Sabbath; these characteristics exemplify their groundbreaking contributions to the heavy metal genre.

Over time, "The Wizard" has intrigued many a lover of heavy metal, garnering critical acclaim and enduring influence in the music world. Indeed, it was this very distinctiveness that led to its selection as the B-side to the massively popular "Paranoid" – a distinction that perhaps speaks volumes of its understated significance in Black Sabbath's oeuvre.

Normally “The B-Side of Paranoid by Black Sabbath can consist of three tracks: ‘Rat Salad,’ ‘Fairies Wear Boots,’ and ‘Evil Woman.’ ‘Rat Salad’ is an instrumental piece that showcases the band’s musical prowess, particularly the drumming skills of Bill Ward. ‘Fairies Wear Boots’ is a heavy and riff-driven song with dark and cryptic lyrics. Finally, ‘Evil Woman’ is a cover of a song originally performed by the band Crow, and Black Sabbath’s version adds their signature heavy sound. Overall, the B-Side of Paranoid offers a diverse range of songs that further solidify Black Sabbath’s status as pioneers of heavy metal.

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Black Sabbath The Road to Heaven and Hell

Black Sabbath’s significance is as heavy as their music. The same as we may have never had a Sabbath without Link Wray, we may not have had Heavy Metal at all without the boys from Birmingham.

The Beat Club program was my induction as a fan. “Paranoid” from the second album was the video. Thus the album Paranoid was quickly purchased. I wore out many copies of that but the true bombast and Doom lay in the self-titled first release. No one before or since has created anything as alarming to new ears as the song “Black Sabbath” itself. Boris Karloff’s film inspiration was evident in the album art and the songs within. 

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath (1970)

Bassist Geezer Butler has always been open about his interest in the occult, yet he’s been clear it was an interest and the band’s songs are much maligned as they address stark realities against the Demonic and are anti-war and anti destruction. The band’s interest lies more in the sonic destruction of the foundation of the venues they performed in.

Guitarist Tony Iommi detuned his Gibson SG to make the strings easier to bend due to the loss of his fingertips and the secondary consequence of that is the wider and fuller sound. He is not only the Riff master but the innovator of sheer power.

Drummer Bill Ward has been the most unique contributor as his unorthodox drumming was based on Jazz and the result being those songs are enveloped in a certain “swing”.No other drummer plays like him in that setting. 

Then we have Ozzy. Madman? Absolutely. Yet he had an unheard-of voice and sense of melody. He is also one of the best frontmen any band ever had.

Black Sabbath – The Wizard (Demo) [Vinyl]

Biography: Black Sabbath (2010), documentary with Finnish subtitles.

The First three albums thirdly “Masters of Reality”  were the encyclopedia for great heavy songs. “Iron Man” War Pigs” ‘Children of the Grave”. The endurance of the first few years’ outputs resounds now because someone somewhere is playing those albums on the stereo or with a guitar in their bedroom, now. 

Volume 4, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Sabotage, all had some incredible moments but by 1976 to 79  Technical Ecstasy and Never say die had seen the band running full steam for almost a decade and no breaks. The Weed and drink were eclipsed by harder drugs and communication had broken down between the Band and Ozzy.


Ozzy was unceremoniously let go and Sabbath returned with one Ronnie James Dio for the second chapter of their life. The Albums ‘Heaven and Hell” and “Mob Rules” were a departure in many ways but Still Rocked relentlessly. New Blood, however short-lived.

Black Sabbath – Neon Knights Live In N.Y. 1980

“Live Evil” marked the tenure of Dio. It was brief but Lasting. 

Black Sabbath BORN AGAIN

The next Vocalist for Sabbath Ian Gillan entered the band and the work produced was the very Underrated “Born Again”. It was not the lack of quality of the collaboration, it was more just simply a poor mixing of the sounds.  Had it been recorded in a different studio or mixed by a different person the songs would have made a better impact. Sadly this happens to many bands. Proper careful attention to the details will make or break any project. 

Ian departed and a string of vocalists came and left and some came back again. Glen Hughes, Dio, Tony Martin, and others. Success and Failures abounded from 1984 and the band danced with dalliances with Ozzy for events Like Live Aid and other reunions.

In 2010 Black Sabbath and Ozzy rejoined with all the Original members to make the album 13 and shows followed.  Contractually there became a problem as Ward was feeling not respected and so he left and was replaced by drummer Tommy Clufetos.

NiB Black Sabbath

The End Tour


I had tickets to see this In Indianapolis but for some reason, I had Hesitations and Gave the tickets to a friend. That Friend is the vocalist for one of the best Ozzy/Sabbath Tribute bands I’ve ever heard. “Ultimate Ozzy”.  I thought proper use, proper gift.

You only get one Black Sabbath and they are to remain Timeless. No matter your great loves or hates of the multitude of time periods, everyone contributed something special. 

Groundbreakers, Road Dogs, Legends. We Thank Them for the music. It will always spark Magic and smiles in Memory.

Check out these fellows, Keep up them if you are an Ozzy and Sabbath fan. They never disappoint. Rock on!

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