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Dave Marshall Virtuoso Rock Guitar Master

dave marshall guitarist virtuoso

Dave Marshall was a guitarist who had an extensive career playing for a variety of artists. Throughout his time as a musician, he played with artists such as Vince Neil, Dokken, and Lita Ford. He also played on several albums for the band Vinnie Vincent Invasion. Marshall’s talent as a guitarist allowed him to work with a diverse range of musicians and showcase his skills in different genres of music making him a Virtuoso guitarist of rock.

When we think of Virtuoso rock we must think back to the beginnings with guys like Greg Alman but also guitarists that took it to the new rock sound of hard rock metal and hair metal bands. Today we are featuring established guitarist Dave Marshall whose Virtuoso rock sounds range from hard-hitting motley crew to produce a cover of Drive by Incubus for Max Frye below which shows the lighter side of Dave Marshall’s guitar sound skills as a play.

Dave Marshall has been a guitarist who has performed with acts like Pair-A-Dice, Fiona, Vince Neil, Slaughter, and Michael Jackson. He was also a member of the Nashville-based band Scrap Metal, with Mark Slaughter, Kelly Keagy, and Nelson. So let’s have a listen to some of his best performances with some of these artists and the bands. Daves’s main touring guitar is a Tom Anderson Guitarworks Custom Guitar shaped after a Gibson Les Paul.

Dave Marshall With Pair a Dice

Formed in 1986 Pair a dice was a glam rock band and one of the top Sunset Strip Bands in Hollywood. Pair a dice was playing gigs with bands like Poison and Warrant. Dave Marshall joined them in 1988 until the early 1990s when they went their separate ways. The band signed a deal to release Midnight Train in 2008 as unreleased material from 1988-89.

Dave Marshall and Fiona

Dave played guitar and did the backing vocals on the album squeeze in 1992 with singer Fiona who sings mostly in glam metal and hard rock styles this one is ain’t that just like love. her last release was in 2011 when she released Unbroken since then she has not made any official recordings.

Dave Marshall With Vince Niel

The Motley Crew front man teamed up with rhythm guitarist Dave Marshall for a number of tracks and performances including Vince’s first solo album Exposed in 1993 his last release recording was in 2010 with the album Tattoo’s and Tequila which managed to reach number 14 in Us rock charts.

The Scrap Metal-Era Dave Marshall

Scrap Metal became known as the Heavy Metal Ratpack Establishers of the Metal sounds with a combination of artists who know how to make a great guitar hit for the masses and Dave Marshall was there as the Rhythm Guitarist. The likes of Mr.Big, Nelson, Slaughter, and Night Ranger also had guest appearances from bands Aerosmith to ZZ Top. They also created some acoustic work with Marshall showing his virtuosity of guitar skills.

Dave Marshall Production of Accustic Cover of Drive-By Incubus

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