Metal had many names. Kind of Like the Devil. Hair Metal was King for so long , but some bands were lumped in by name only. Did you go to a Poison Concert with your Girlfriend? I did. But I wasn’t there for Poison. I was there For Faster PussyCat. On the Bill as well was “Cinderella” and no matter what the band looked like , they were incredible. Period.

Music is such a large part of my personal Life I’ve picked 3 that have some relevance to interesting events in my life. Rather than go into the details that can be found elsewhere, I’m telling the stories from first hand experiences with more mayhem metal works stories.

The Late 1980’s and early 1990’s a few bands would change members. The Original Gun’s N Roses turned into the Legendary Band we know. The ones left regrouped and may have not succeeded to the lofty heights many others did, but they still Kicked some ass.Let’s look at a few. (Warning if language involved in their videos is going to offend….move along)

L.A. Guns 

Traci Guns wasn’t done when G N R changed. He, being  a founding member, just switched Gears and delivered Great Contributions. I was Lucky to see them with AC/DC tearing Dayton, Ohio, Down 

L.A. Guns – Rip and Tear

14 Studio albums to date this band is still going. Their Sophomore effort “Cocked N Loaded “ is still just a Fantastic Rock album and in 89 and 90 they were giving many bands a run for their money.  “The Ballad of Jayne” saw the number 33 on the Billboard 100.

L.A. Guns – The Ballad Of Jayne (Official Video)

Power Ballads were never my cup of tea but I must credit the Guns for writing great songs, and being at the top of the creative end of things. Just Great band That is alive and kicking even now. Swimming Pool’s aside.

Faster Pussy Cat

Sleazy Rock N Roll, no apologies offered. I first found them in the film “Decline of Western Civilization part 2.” Their only Goal was a good time, and they had them to the Limits of The Likes of Led Zeppelin. Rock is supposed to be about Rebellion. These cats delivered

Faster Pussycat Cathouse and Bathroom Wall Live

I was in for a shock when I went to see them live, and they lived by shock factor but this was a different thing. When they got done with their set at the Now Long Gone Polaris Amphitheater they didn’t do the Rock Star thing and disappear to the bus.

They came out to the area we were in and hung out and partied with the crowd. They Gave two great shows that night. One was onstage, and the other was better. They showed us they were of the people. Major Respect earned by us all. 

Faster Pussycat – Live in Detroit, MI (1990)

Motley Crue 

Motley were an exception. Hair Band yes absolutely but the music Mattered more by far. 

There is very little to none to knock them for. One of the Hardest working bands ever. They earned their place and deserve to be remembered for it. No Matter the Hedonism, and certainly not role models in their personal life. The Record and the Stage was the key and they Owned it, everywhere they went. 

Mötley Crüe – Live Wire (Official Music Video)

I found out about them far before “Shout at the Devil” was ever released. I was a kid on a school bus and I was a bit of the wallflower. I was Living in the Columbus suburb Grove City and was being relentlessly Bullied by a couple fools much older than I. One day we had a new Student who relocated and she was The Dream Girl.

Beautiful Blonde with definite Street cred. Something was said on her second day on the bus and she walked up and absolutely Clobbered these two idiots.

One had a broken Nose, the other had a new dentist most likely the next morning, she grabbed me by the arm and said “You are with me now, everyday.” So we talked a lot about music and she loaned me “Too Fast for Love.” over a weekend. In about a four month period I got an education. Then Like a Ghost she was gone.

Motley Crue – Live in Ohio

These bands stood out from the Masses. It’s definitely tough to do and they did it Very well.

To have  Clawed their way to the recognition they achieved was no small feat. Most Have probably seen the Mick Mars interview in his home 1984 already but I’m including it below if you haven’t. It will give you some idea of the magnitude of who were all trying to get there. It will give you a laugh or two as ego’s often outweigh Logic. The California Rock and Metal scene could easily have been the first “American Idol”. Not everyone can be the next star….But you will give it your very best.

In Closing “Hey Ghost Girl….You might be reading this. Thank you. If anyone ever Rocked it was you!” 

The Decline Of Western Civilization part 2 The Metal Years sub en español

By Jimmy Flemming

Jimmy Fleming is a Dystonia advocate and Guitarist from Ohio. He authored and co wrote interviews on over 100 articles about guitar and bands on Guitardoor Listen to his latest music and full biography on his website.

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