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We are all about discovering new guitarists here so we have compiled a list of 11 guitarists to discover here on guitardoor.com with a featured track.


GUITARISTS TO DISCOVER Frank Marino He’s Calling (Live)

Stories of a Hero Frank Marino

Undoubtedly, Frank Marino deserves more acclaim in the music industry. He became a renowned figure due to his mesmerizing command of Post-Hendrix guitar with Mahogany Rush, placing him among guitardoor.com's list of 11 guitar maestros worthy of heightened discovery and recognition. Marino's distinct and influential music has left an indelible imprint on the musical landscape, presenting us with an exemplary musician whose contributions to music remain underappreciated, and most importantly proving that music is as much a craft of passion as it is of skill.


The velvet underground venus in furs

Guitarist Sterling Morrison‘s tandem guitar work with Lou Reed has never truly been explored. He’s one of the guitar’s best-kept secrets.


Wilko Johnson, Roger Daltrey – Going Back Home

Wilko Johnson simply invented a new style of guitar playing. His Percussive and aggressive minimalist approach is deceiving at first Glance. Upon further Study, you can find a wealth of Genius in it.

Discover The Guitar of 4:Craig Goldy

Rainbow In The Dark

Craig Goldy is the self-described “Forrest Gump” of Guitarists. He had been in the right place and the right time to work with some of the most amazing artists. His story is a Treasure.

5:Mick Box

Epic Mick Box Guitar Solo

Mick Box strangely enough being in one of the Biggest Rock bands in the world has far too much credit left due to his work. 

6:Jimmy Owen


Jimmy Owen may well find himself being looked back on as a Legend equal to those that inspired Him. 

Guitarist Songwriter 7:Blue Rick 

Blue Rick The Motel 88

“Blue Rick” has been working in the music world under our nose for decades. He has created something classic in his body of work that deserves a look with clearer eyes and ears.

Hells Favorite Guitarist NR:8:Michael Katon

Micheal Kanton Rip It Hard

Michael Katon is a master guitarist on par with anyone. He has delivered the goods and is subject to inspection as THE Guitarist from Hell. With his Blues Rock Style of Playing.

Discover The Guitar of NR 9:Link Wray

Link Wray Playing the Ace of Spades

Link Wray is the Man who were he not a guitarist we clearly would have Rock music as we know it. It is a downright shame he has never been put Link Wray in the Rock n’Roll Hall of Fame. In Reality, He spiritually owns the whole damn building ever since he played the most important d-chord in history

Explore The Guitar of NR 10:Clarence White

Clarence White – Under The Double Eagle

Clarence White was a man who picked up the Martin acoustic or his Modified Fender Telecaster and made your Jaw drop. His unassuming humble nature was the complete opposite of the fire he put forth every time he played. 

Birmingham Blues Legend NR 11:Ritchie Dave Porter

Ritchie Dave Porter Live I Got no Money

Ritchie Dave Porter has a classic blues sound on his Telecaster guitar. He uses a simple setup with just the guitar and a Fender Champion Amp. This creates a perfect sound for his solo music and his songs with partner Debra Susan.