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There were many sides to Kurt. We hear stories of Cobain trowing a computer out the window or smashing guitars and singing great songs. We are just picking a few unknown sides of for today’s article on guitardoor we hope you enjoy.

I was aware of Nirvana long before their first recording of “Bleach” due to a very particular circumstance. I lived so far up on a Mountain that frequencies carried to Ohio from as far as Florida on the radio, and funnily I had a wah Pedal that if you turned it on and set it in a precise spot it picked up Cuban Radio! In the early and mid-80s, the cassette was still a highly used Media and I found a strange radio station that played cassette recordings of demos and work tapes of bands unheard of outside their home base. The band intrigued me back then. 

nirvana from above black and white Unknown sides of Cobain

So when “Bleach” and “Nevermind’ were out I was already a fan. I Followed their career and studied everything I could find well after Kurt’s death. I thought I knew about pretty much everything there was to know. That was until today when Chris Dempsey sent me a video we are going to share with you now. This is Kurt the human, not the King of Grunge.

Kurt Cobain on Challenging the Mainstream

Musically Kurt was a fan of Diverse nature as well, Hawkwind, a plethora of punk and alternative music, and Daniel Johnston whose T-Shirt “How are you” with an alien was made famous showing the helpful and supportive side of Cobain. If you don’t know about Daniel who sadly passed away in 2019, it doesn’t get more interesting for cartoonists than Daniel Johnston’s life story.

Kurt Cobain Hollogram

multi nirvana Unknown sides of Cobain

There was some discussion on a Kurt Cobain Hologram show with Krist and Dave. If it comes to fruition remains to be seen. I was thrilled to see the people called upon to step up to the Mic at Nirvana’s induction into The Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame. Joan Jett, Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth, and others. 

Nirvana. The 29th Annual Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony 2014

I’m sure there will always be Mystery surrounding Kurt Cobain. I prefer to celebrate his life as opposed to many who mark his Demise. In Place of R.I.P. I say  Thank you to the Universe Kurt Cobain Born February 20, 1967. 

Kurt Cobain’s Chaotic Creative Sides

Lastly, let’s have a look at some of his chaotic creations of Cobain in this 1-hour documentary thanks for reading The unknown sides of Cobain. Don’t forget to leave a comment or share it on Facebook or discuss it with us on Twitter

By Jimmy Flemming

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